Poh Kong, Malaysia’s largest jewellery retail chain store is one of Malaysian’s favorite go-to jewellery stores. With over a hundred stores nationwide, the brand offers a variety of jewellery including yellow gold, white and rose gold, platinum, diamonds and precious gems.

This season; glam up your style with Pearl and Jade jewellery that is available in a myriad of eye catching modern designs that have been specially curated with excellent craftsmanship to suit every occasion.

The extraordinary Schoeffel Pearl Collier collection and Poh Kong’s Auspicious jade collection will definitely draw attention to a facet of the persona.

Schoeffel Pearl Collier Collection

Unique Rainbow Necklace 

The magic of colours. An endless source of inspiration. Colour nuances in iridescent arrays. A kaleidoscope of emotions. Combined to create spectacular necklaces that exude pure ‘joie de vivre’. Understated charm one minute and self-assured serenity the next, or completely uninhibited laughter, liberated from all convention: authentic and infectious. Among this rainbow of sumptuous colours, every woman will find her own way to project and celebrate her beauty.
Rainbow necklaces in exquisite colour hues. An Impressionist’s palette of delicate nuances holds the temptation to indulge in an exuberant expression of one’s own personality. Handpicked, cultivated South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater pearls capture hearts in ravishing colour shades. The elegance of golden apricot, the extravagance of exotic eau de Nil, the delicacy of violet-tinged rose. Pure magic. Pure luxury.

Unique Baroque Necklace (Freshwater)

One of the most exquisite baroque pearl necklaces featuring exceptionally rare-sized, cultured freshwater pearls. There is only one farmer in China who can cultivate these huge pearls using a new pearl cultivation process.
Freshwater cultured pearls, baroque-shaped, 18-22mm in various shades of delicate rose pink and gold with a metallic sheen.

Schoeffel Collier Baroque

Like a constant source of sheer inspiration and subtle variations in shape and colour shades. The entire profusion of large, baroque pearls in a kaleidoscope of exotic hues and bizarre forms. As breath taking as the awakening of spring.
A necklace of a thousand moods. Cultivated, rare-sized South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater pearls for a sensational impact. A unique for lovers of pearls. Couture absolute.

Schoeffel Collier South Sea Pearl

The undisputed Queen of Pearls is admired for her style and divine nuances of colour: From white to silver-blue. South Sea cultured pearls come in a surprising variety of shapes, all certain to delight even the most discerning tastes. Slight surface unevenness is considered to be a sign of individuality and character, not a blemish.

Schoeffel Collier Akoya

Akoya pearls radiate feminine charm in a range of subtle hues from rosy white to soft cream to silver blue. The characteristic in a lustre of Akoya cultured pearls is brought to the fore in Schoeffel’s exclusive necklaces and Akoya jewellery.

Auspicious Bountiful Gold & Jade Collection
All the pendants are made in 22k gold with A grade jade.

Celebrating Prosperity Pendant

Celebrating Prosperity pendant combines the magpie and the peony flower, with the blooming peony flower attracting the magpie that brings good news.

Aspiring Auspiciousness Pendant

The pendant has “Auspicious” engraved on the obverse and “Aspirations” on the reverse, representing double happiness and lasting fortune.

Harmonious Blessings Pendant

The pendant features the peony flower atop an apple, which is a homonym for harmonious in Chinese.

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