the eight avenue

Once a visit, you will definitely fall in love. A restaurant by the name of The Eight Avenue Restaurant & Bar in Solaris Dutamas brings you with quality food and it is indeed a great restaurant to visit.

the eight avenue

Not much on outrageous gimmick, but I could say the staff are indeed professionals to recommend us the dishes.

the eight avenue

Angles and Demons @ RM 14.90
One of their signatures, beautifully presented with the wrapped smoked salmon in juicy cantoulpe and the bacon wrapped prunes. Simply unique, with the twist of savoury and fruity blend. It is just perfect and refreshing. Love it so much.
the eight avenue
Sticky Piggy @ RM 19.90
I love this and it is indeed one of my favourite. The pork ribs are being grilled till perfection and topped with the caramelized apple and sticky sauce. The taste is awesome and well paired with the coriander sauce.
the eight avenue
Cauliflower Manchurian @ RM 11.90
Another of their house signature, Cauliflower Manchuria. This is where Eight Avenue have the cauliflower battered with the Manchurian Sauce.When it is served, it’s taste comes simply fragrant with the sticky, aromatic sweet and sour taste with the sour end. Nice and good.
the eight avenue

PhatBoy Squid (RM 19.90)
Don’t miss the Phat Boy Squid too. The mouthwatering squid is being stuffed with the minced shrimp and fish with the squid ink on the side. The squids comes simply fresh with the juiciness in it. Leaving us with the awesome delights.

the eight avenue

Caramelized Roast Pork (RM 22.90)
The roast pork is indeed well done and well caramelized leaving us with the sticky bites and some light hint of spiciness. Paired them with beer and you will definitely order the second plate.
the eight avenue
\ the eight avenue

Crispy Pork Belly (RM 34.90)
For those who love porky delights, Eight Avenue Restaurant brings you with the delicious crispy pork belly. The pork belly is being bbq-ed till perfection with the cracking bites. Topped with the butter poached potatoes and green salad. The taste is indeed good and delicious.
the eight avenue
Duck Confit Spaghetti (RM 32.90)
Not a fans of duck confict, the dish wasn’t my favourite. The spaghetti is being cooked al-dente and served with the shredded duck confit with it. The meat comes slightly dry to me.
\ the eight avenue
Sunny Salmon (RM 35.90)
Seafood lover would not say no to this. The lovely plate of salmon is well tossed till perfection leaving the crispy skin and flaky meat. Served together with the cauliflower, bacon sauce, sundried tomatoes and asparagus.

Ends our meals with some great desserts too.
the eight avenue
Phatboy Slim (RM 18.90)
The banana and apple filling wrapped in soft buttered tortilla wrap, lightly crisp and served with the caramel condensed milk. Nice one.

the eight avenue

Kapiti Ice Cream (RM15.90 ( 2 scoops) / RM 18.90 (3 scoops) / RM 22.90 (The Eight Avenue Style)
The New Zealand Original Ice Cream is available here too. Indulge scoops of ice cream with the choice of Vanilla Bean, Black Doris Plum and Crème Fraiche as well as Triple Chocolate.

Overall, they have great food choices to go for and some of my favorites and recommendation are Sticky Piggy, Cauliflower Manchurian and the Caramelized Roast Pork.

The Eight Avenue Restaurant and Bar
D2-G3-03, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur 50580
Tel: +60 12 407 7045
Business Hour: Mon- Sun (12pm-12am)
GPS: 3. .17141, 101.66497

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