There’s a new kid in town and its BIG… a haven for foodies looking for a feast. Brolly is the name and 9 experiences is their game. Seek out Brolly at Menara Felda in Kuala Lumpur along Persiaran KLCC. Brolly represents all 9 kitchens under its umbrella. Fans of seafood will be happy to go for their crazy fresh seafood with a little twist in your taste and ths hidden gem is at Menara Felda.
The 9 kitchens include the Crab Factory, Ember and Bara BBQ, Raksasa Mirai, Nove 9 Pizzeria, Moley’s Oyster Bar, Bang Bang Baller Bar, My Wing Man, Variety Nibble Nibble Nibble and Sweet Endings.

The concept comes simply unique where when you can get all the food in one roof. The interior design is amazingly beautiful where you have the huge bus parking in front of the restaurant where they make drinks and they are simply beautiful lighted up.

The interior comes amazingly “motor feel” where you can have the beautiful concepts of motering with the vintage car hanging upside-down on the ceiling and a 1970’s red bus at the main entrance and more.

Moley’s Oyster Bar

For fans of oyster,never missed the oyster where each oysters are carefully picked. The delicious oyster comes with the juicy bites and every mouthful is sinfully good. Comes with two tyoes of oysters where one are Fine de Claire No.2 Oysters (RM144 per dozen) and Kelly’s Gigas No.4 Oysters (RM96 per dozen) brings us the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. For those who are not a fans of raw oysters; you can have them Besides eating them raw, the oysters are also served as Virgin Bloody Mary shooters, topped with spicy sriracha sauce or baked in cheese


Onion Flower (RM 18)
Enjoy one of the lovely bites ; the onion flower is indeed a great choice for sharing over a drink and it is one of the items in vari.EAT.y. Alike those in Morganfields and Tony Roma’s; the onion flowers here comes simply huge and carefully picked and done. Accompany with it is the browns sauce.
Short Ribs Soup (RM 35)
We did not expects to have the Short Ribs Soup (RM 35) here. The nourishing soup served piping hot in the claypot comes simply delicious. The quality Australian beef short ribs cooked for hours and the ribs remains tenders and juicy. Nicely done and indeed a great enjoyment.

Nove 9 Pizzeria

Lambogarlic Pizza (RM 26)
Coming from Nove9 Pizzeria, the pizza here is served thin with the crispy bites. In here, they comes with 6 savoury pizzas to go for and our order is the Lambogarlic Pizza. Served with the minced lamb and lamb sausage flooded with garlic sauce. The pizza was a good one and we love the crispy bites of it.
Chicken Softbone (RM 9)
Aside, they also have the variety choices of Kushiyaki (3 skewers per order) too. Filled your meals with variety of skewers from meat, to seafood and more. We tried the Chicken Softbone (RM 9) which comes simply good and unique. Aside from the Chicken Softbone, they have ubed Striploin, Baby Octopus, Chicken Heart and more in their menu.

Ember & Bara BBQ


With the theme of flamoing hot dishes from the charcoal grilled and also features on seafood and meat cooked I Asian and Western Style, one can choose their choices of food either meat or seafood , the portion and the sauces they prefer. It comes with the unique selecton of sauces where they have 4 chocies of Asian sauce and 4 c choices from the Western selection.
Chilled Ribeye with Tarty Tropicana Sauce (RM 60)
The ribeye is indeed well grilled till perfection was a for-tender and the meat is simfully good. Served with the Tarty Tropicana Sauce is such a great sauce and brings up the overall taste of the ribeye.

Crab Factory

No need introduction, Crab Factory is available here too in Brolly. Showcasting the New Orlean’s pride and joy, now one can enjoy the famous Crab Factory here. Don’t mss their great seafood selection here.
Medium Size Prawn with Jamba Jamba Suace (RM 59/500g)
With the kick of spiciness, one can pampered their tummy with the fresh prawns. Every mouthful is deliciously good.

Crabs (RM 148/ 2 medium size)
Fans of crabs, try their delicious fresh crabs served together with coos and some lemon zesty blend with it. The kick of spiciness and also the juicy meat is something worth to go for here. Served together with the corn and mushroom in it,

Zesty Lemon Amaebi Prawn (RM 98/500g)
The huge shrimps cooked with black pepper and lemon zesty taste is amazingly good. Nice and something to try if you are not someone who could not take spicy food.

Bang Bang Baller Bar


Located at the front of the restaurant, the red bus served you with their signature beers . Serving you the Beergaritas and High Ballrus which are both signature drink here.


The Beergaritas are huge mugs of beer and cocktail blends with fruity flavours such as Classic, Green Apple, Maracuja, Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Peach. Choose yours and you will definite to be surprised.

Sweet Endings

No way you could head home without trying some sweet desserts to end your meal here in Brolly. A variety desserts to go for includes the Chunky Peanut Butter Granola (RM 16), Creme Brulee (RM 16) and Grilled Montel Banana Parcel (RM 16) is some of their signatures.
Chunky Peanut Butter Granola (RM 16)
Served with peanuts, ice cream and blueberries in a cup and also peanut butter, the desserts is simply good and unique. Love this so much.

Honey Yogurt (RM 16)
Those who are health freek, can try this. The honey yogurt topped with the basil seeds on top. Nice one.

Grilled Green Pear Parcel
The Grilled Green Pear Parcel that topped with whipped cream is simply delicious. The pear which is well grilled comes soft in its texture and the sweetness of the delights remains.

Overall, Brolly is indeed a great place for meal where they have 9 delicious experiences from all the various kitchen concepts from the menu.It is definite you will come back for more here at Brolly

Ground Floor, Menara Felda
Platinum Park, No.11, Persiaran KLCC
50088, Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 11am-11pm
Tel: 03-2181-4122

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