Way Modern Chinois;bringing you to enjoy dim sum in another level. With the unique touch and contemporary approach to Chinese cuisine. A classy modern avant-garde restaurant, Way Modern Chinois specializes in contemporary Chinese/Asian cuisine. Way means “unique” or “one and only” in Mandarin and this uniqueness starts from its entrance. The entrance isn’t spotted easily, not unless you are looking for a lift door! A press at the “Lift” button on the left and it opens into the restaurant.

This round, we are there for their NEW dim sum menu which brings you with more new excitments.
Skinless XLB (RM 6.00)
Started off with the Skinless XLB where the lovely xiao long bao served beautifully on top of the spoon. The tedius amount of work making the dim sum so perfect with the molecular gastronomy applied to it. And it turns in to the jelly-sphere with the think skin where inside is the meat and soup, served with the foam vinegar and ginger dip. Sitting on top is the squid ink with the XLB skin. Designed to enjoy at one munch, you will definitely enjoy this so much!
Crispy-Dumpling-with-Wasabi-Mayo (RM 15.00)
The perfect dumpling with the minced chicken and prawn meat with it, well wrapped and deep fried till perfection. Brings you with the juicy sensation and a touch of light hint of wasabi mayo.
Coriander-Char-Siew-Bao (RM9)
The siew bao comes simply good where the Chef had mix coiander into the bun dough bringing you a light minty taste. I love the way it is done where the chicken charsiew comes simply juicy and tempting.

Prawn-Dumpling-with-XO (RM16)
The Prawn Dumpling with X.O. @ RM16 is great stuff and one of the must-tries here. The homemade X.O. sauce injected depths of flavour to the dim sum and made it extra savory with a touch of spiciness.
Crab-Roe-Dumpling (RM 19)
The golden skin dumpling served with the succulent fillings of prawns and crab roe. Well wrapped till perfectionist, and topped with the squid ink web on top. Beautifully done!

WAY MODERNCrispy-Bean-Curd-Skin-Roll (RM 17)
Well deep fried till perfection, the filling comes with the fresh pulpy prawns, and full flavour. Not greesy and it is crispy and juicy.

Black-Truffle-Xiu-Long-Bao (RM 14)

Aside from the Skinless XLB, they do have the Black Truffle XLB. Luscious black skin, with the truffle crab soup which is packed with flavours and aromatic soup. It is such an indulgence!


Crab-Claw-Dumpling (RM 15.00)

The pleasantly served delights, rich with the seafood flavours and firm tender textures, this is simply an indulgence. And you will definitely fall in love with it.

The well stir fried radish cake which is filled with the complete fragrant flavours with the XO Sauce with it.
Sticky-Rice-Lamb-Siew-Mai(RM19 for 3 pcs)
The unique presentation where the lamb is being coated with the sticky rice around. I found it taste is slightly gamey since I am the one not too fancy with lamb. But, lamb lover would definitely enjoy this dish which brings you with tender juicy meat.
Lotus-Steam-Sticky-Rice-with-Duck (RM10/2 piece)

Instead of having the usual chicken or pork, Way had made it even unique where they are using duck. The sticky rice with duck comes simply good but I prefer with more ingridents in it
Fish & Chips (RM 16.00)
Coated with the beautiful vinegar powder and inside with the mash potato and at the centre is the cod fish. Interestingly presented, but indeed not my favorite where the “chips” comes simply thick and I could not really able to taste the fish meat.

The food overall is amazing with the creative presentation and good service. And no, they have the weekdays. “Let’s Do Lunch Dim Sum Set” @ RM29++ per pax a try first. So do check it out on their Facebook page for the details.

Way Modern Chinois
G-1, [email protected]
Jalan Changkat Semantan
50490 Damansara Heights KL
Tel: 03-2095 1118
Business hours: Mon – Sat (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm) Closed on Sundays

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