Located along the street to the famous Nishiki market, we spotted the famous ramen in town – Ippudo Ramen which is one of the famous brand where Malaysia have them too. Neverless, we try them in Japan too.The restaurant does not have ample sitting place compare to Malaysia. Simple interior with a excellent servie.
We ordered the Shiromaru Special (赤丸 スペシャル) (¥980/ MYR 29.00) is where the ramen is cooked with the original Ippudo’s Tonkatus with the thick flavourful rooth. Serve with the thin noodles, 5 pieces of chashu, 3 roasted seaweeds, as well as a flavourul soft boiled eggs , scallion, bean sprouts, as well as tree mushroom in it The broth comes with a more flavourful blend of taste while the chashu give us with the tender and mouthwatering taste. Awesomely good
As for the gyoza , try their Hakata Bite Size Dumpling (博多ひとくち餃子) (¥ 420 / MYR 12.90) where the gyoza are being deep fried till golden brown leaving you with the crispiness at the outside while moist and juicy in the inside All homemade in Ippudo
Another items which I fal in love is their rice – Hakata Pork Chashu Rice (ハカタノチカラめし 温玉のせ) (¥ 360) brings you with the juicy fragrant and baked homemade barbecued pork which is glazed with the sweet teriyaki sauce on topand topped with the cod roe. Nicely presented and each mouthful of the rice with the chashu is awesomely good.

The Ippudo Ramen here is pretty unique as they do sell their noodles, tea and other merchandises too.

Hakata Ippudo (一風堂)
京都府京都市中京区 東洞院通錦小路下る阪東屋町653-1
Tel: +81 75-213-8800
11:00 am – 3:00 am

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