We started our first meal in Osaka with the lovely delicious meal in one of the restaurant nearby the airport. The meals is ordered via machine and submit them to the staff and they will make the meal in minutes. Well, being a Banana; I am having difficulty in operating the machine but thank god Jerry, YH comes to rescue when we are there.
Pay the money to the machine and press the food you love to order, and here you go with the food on the table. My regular size of plain udon is at ¥180 (approx. RM 5.50) . The flavourful soup with the bouncy noodles is as good as it is. Drink the lovely nice soup to warm your day there. I am just loving the taste.
As for the Gyudon (¥ 290 approx. RM 8.80 ); the normal bowl of the thin cutted beef meat comes awesome!. The beef is well done with the springy and tender meat as well as it’s texture is perfect. Every munch of the beef is sinfully good and Jerry keep give me a double thumbs up while enjoying the Gyudon.

@ Kansai Airport
Osaka Prefecture, Izumisano, Senshukukokita, 1, (関西国際空港内)
+81 72-455-1111

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