Mission-Q is an exciting provider of adventure and mystery
entertainment. We offer real escape experiences, not just real escape games.
With well-designed stories and narratives for each of the rooms, you will
experience an immersive one hour adventure, where you will be challenged
physically, mentally and intellectually. Collect items, identify clues, solve
puzzles and riddles, overcome obstacles; these are all tasks within the
adventures we provide where teamwork, creativity, communication and courage are

Each of our masterfully crafted adventures, while part of an
overarching narrative, also offer their own unique experience. Travel through
time in Quantum as you solve an inter-temporal mystery. Experience visual
puzzles only available at Mission-Q in The Great Illusionist. Enjoy an eerie,
horror story? See if you can unlock the mystery of The Missing Corpse. Put on
your Sherlock Holmes pipe as you solve crimes in Internal Affairs. Be a real
life Indiana Jones as you retrieve a heavily guarded treasure in The Secret
Fortune. Every experience is unique, and every adventure is wholly yours to

Mission Q’s rooms are meticulously conceived and designed
with the following ideals. First, each adventure focuses on optimizing players’
experiences by providing individual unique surprises in each respective
adventure. Second, our puzzles are based entirely on logic; with a bit of hard
work and creativity, you and your team will be able to solve them all without
having to rely on leaps of logic or unsatisfactory reasoning. Third, we believe
in the paramount importance of the experience over ‘props.’ We focus way more
on how the room makes you feel rather than what is actually inside the room.

Sounds exciting? Well, that’s because it is! Come join us at
Queensbay Mall. We also offer team building exercise in the form of our real
escape adventures and even treasure hunts! Unique to us as well, we can even
tailor make real escape adventures to be played at a venue specifically
designated by YOU!

So come on by to Mission Q and experience unforgettable

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