wong-kok,teluk intan
Wong Kok in Teluk Intan is one of the place to go for breakfast in the small city of Teluk Intan. The place famed for its wantan mee is always packed especially weekends. Being to the shop for many times, you will be assured of the delicious wan tan noodles and choices of yong tau fu there.
wong-kok,teluk intan
The wantan noodles (RM 3.00) are served with the springy noodles and each mouthful is deliciously done. With the slurpy taste of wantan noodles and an hearty warm soup with few little wantans made from pork; the wantan doesn’t come pulpy but taste is just awesome as it is.

wong-kok,teluk intan

If you love to get some add-on; do try their Yong Tau Fu ingridients there. Though, they do not have huge variety but the yong tau fu choices is good enough for a pampering awesome delights . Overall, the food here is indeed a nice one and recommended especially the wan tan noodles.


Kedai Makanan Wong Kok
Lorong Orkid 4, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak

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