Being a working housewife, I hate do cleaning, even vacuuming and sweeping the floors. Why? I will get myself ended with nose irritation and coughing all the way most of the time. Sneezy nose when dealing with all those dirth and everytime vacuuming and even sweeping the floors, the particles eventually fly all over as well.
Recently, I have the DC62 Dyson Digital Slim and I am inspired. Famed for their fan which I am always dying for one in my home ; now I have the vacuum instead. Before starting to talk about the product some basic history of Dyson.

Dyson Ltd is a British technology company that designs and manufactures vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, and heaters.he company prides itself on engineering products which work in different and better ways than their predecessors. Dyson’s founder, James Dyson, famously created 5,127 prototypes of his first machine, the vacuum cleaner, in a workshop behind his house, before developing one that he considered worked perfectly, the DC01.


For Dyson62, the dyson digital slim vacuum can sucks up as much dust as a coded vacuum and it is build with the dyso digital motor v6; 2 tier Radical Cyclines and the latest motorised head with carbon fibre elements in it.
Here goes my unpacking of the set of the Dyson 62.
1) The Docking Station where you can have you D62 hang up on the wall and it would not take lots of space in your store room and not just that, it is able to charge while you are hanging them.
2) The Crevice Tool : For Cleaning in tight gaps and norrow spaces.
3) Combination of accessory tools where the noozle can converts brush tool for dusting expcially when you are dusting certain compartments in the car or PC Keyboard/
4) Flexi Crevice tools where you can extends and flexes into awkward gaps in the house. So, with this, you have no worries to vacuum behind the tv sets or sofa. And not just that, it can bends too.
5) Soft dusting brush comes well tooo where they have the soft britsels to gently dust around the home.
6) Mattress tools is what I love the most where I can make sure that my heavy mattress and pillows are all out to the sunny sunshine. No more worries I can have all this cleaned and nice.

7) Not just that, it provide you with the Lightweight aluminum wand with the funky purple color where it can reach up to 663 mm.

Besides of all the high gadget tools which is being provided; rest assured also with the Dyson Digital Motor V6 where it spins up to 110, 000 rpm up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. The 350 W motor had a higher wattage than its predecessor and it contributes the machine to produce powerful suction.

With the Reengineered nickel manganese cobalt battery it transmits 1.5 times more than its predecessor and it provide fade-free power. The charging time just take 3.5 hours where it is actually recharges 3 times faster than others. With this, it allows 26 minutes cleaning session, on when you love to use it and off when you don’t.

What I love about Dyson DC62?

1) It is not heavy and it is well balanced with the shape and the size. Now I have no problem cleaning and vacuuming my fan or even cleaning up the spider webs in the house. This is because the detachable wand is not heavy and it is well balanced with the motor.

2) Not just cleaning my house is easy, I used to clean my car too. It can use to clean footwells, upholstery and car beneath car seats. You do not need to attach electric cable with it and cleaning the car comes easy. I do not need to get 2 vacuum cleaner anymore- 1 for home, 1 for car where Dyson DC62 give me what I need.
3) Cleaning Carpets is usually drive me crazy as we need to get them done in shop and complete the dry cleaning process. The hassel now comes to end where I just need one vacuum to complete my task in minutes. Even using the conventional way of vacuuming, the suction power is slow and the dusk still remains on the carpet.

4) No more wayer all over the place. Compared to the corded vacuum, I have hassel free and I can vacuum anywhere I love without thinking where the wayers are. Easy and simple.

5) I do not need to worry if my machine would hurts if I am vacuuming from tiles, to carpet or even parquet. It works well in every faces and what’s more I do have few vacuum to acccomadate to my needs.

5) Hygenic Bin Empty comes so easy where one touch you can ahave every empty compare to the conventional ones where we need to do much cleaning. For more olden ones, you would have difficulty after long run as the vacuum bag is hard to be find from the stalls.

So, after my vacuum on my carpet, you would see how much dirt can be found at the carpet, without you knowing and even it looks clean at the outside. Here are all the hidden dirt.

Why not get your Dyson DC62 and save all the hassle. It is worth for the money you payed.

Price: RM 2399 (RRP Price)
Available at all Major Electrical Shop like Harvey Norman, Seng Heng, TBM and SenQ


Thanks to Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd for the great product to review.


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    You mention that you want one of the Dyson fans, yes they are fun but not as effective as you might hope. However, what they are is a conversation piece and a piece of design. We also have the Dyson hand dryer in our downstairs bathroom.

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