Xian Xian Fish head Restaurant which is located in the town of Puchong had opened just a few weeks back. Featuring “fish” as its highlights of the restaurant; the restaurant is easily spotted as it is located opposite the Giant Hypermarket in Puchong as well as nearby the famous Penang famed Hawker Delights – Penang One.
The restaurant serves a wide variety of homecook meals where they have choices of chicken, fishes, pork and more. This time, we started with the Sweet & Sour Grouper (Seasonal Price) where the grouper fish is being deep fried till perfection leaving the crispy texture of the fish. Laying graciously on the plate; it is then being drenched with the sweet & sour sauce with give us a savory temptations. It is awesome where I love the crispy texture of the skin with the flaky moist texture of the fish.
As for the Yam Chicken Pot (RM 15 (S)/ RM 28(L)) turns to be creamy and fragrant. The cubes of chicken are being cooked together with the yam and coconut milk with it. Leaving with the creaminess and soft texture cube yam in it; the yam chicken pot is one of the dish which is worth to try off.

If you are looking for some seafood delights, perhaps try their Salted Egg Squid (RM 18/ RM 28) where the squid is cutted into small pieces and then it is being coated with the salted egg with it. Then, the squid is deep fried till golden yellow leaving the crunchy and springy bites of the squid with the bites of creaminess with light saltiness in it.
“Tai Zhi” Fish (RM 48)is a combination of two fish in a plate. In here, one is the egg –floss fish and another is the sweet and sour fish fillet. For the egg-floss fish; it is being marinated with the spices and then deep fried till golden yellow together with the buttery egg floss with it. I find the taste is slightly mild while the egg floss is not fragrant enough. The sweet and sour fish fillet is served nicely and the fish is nice and flaky. It is well infused with the sweet and sourish blend which made it a good mix.
Last but not least, the Steamed “Song” Fish Head (RM 26- RM 30) where the huge fish is being steamed with thin gratted ginger slices with it. The fish is fresh and deliciously done but I found they are plenty of tiny bones hiding within the fish which is not much to my likings. The light spiciness from the gratted ginger combine with the sweet fish sauce that comes from the steaming is indeed good.

Overall, the food here were good and affordable and it suits well for family dinner or even with collegue during the day.

19G, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.
Tel: 016-3380410/ 018-2128863


  1. SK says

    Good recommendations! Try their sweet & sour fish, pork belly with salted fish, hairy crab & Thai style chicken. All dishes are so yummy.. We love it so much and plan to go back again to try their others food.
    Tips : Weekend & public holiday was very crowded, advise to go early or call for booking.

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