The restaurant by the name of Miam Miam which means Yum Yum in French is now in Klang Valley. Ever since the opening their first outlet in Penang, you can find them now in Klang Valley – 1 Utama Shopping Mall. The French – Japanese cafe is now opening in 1 Utama and now we do not need to go all the way down to Penang for the great food. It is located at Ground Floor (New Wing) opposite Pasta Zanmai and just right beside Sun Moulin. Miam Miam is a lively cafe with a curious mix of flavours from savoury souffle to pasta. Their menu is predominantly French or European but with Japanese influence in each.

With great decoration, with the open kitchen designed; sitting place which is ample as well as sofas for customer who love to enjoy the low sitting and enjoying some bites of delicious food while chatting with friends. Plans are allegedly afoot for Miam Miam to invade Canada, China & Indonesia too this year. The menu of Miam Miam are pretty similar to the one in Penang too except in 1 Utama, the servings are pork free.

The Miam Miam Spaghetti (RM24.80) is one of the signatures dish. The huge portion of pasta which is cooked al-dente with the shimeji mushroom, egg plant, slices of chicken bacons and a finale touch with the half poached onsen egg. The spaghetti leaves a good blend with the poached onsen egg which smoothen the spaghetti taste while the sauce and the turkey bacon had bring up the overall flavors as well as both light and substantial taste in it.
Next comes the French Lobster Bisque Pasta (RM 29.80) where the thick flavouful gravy was being cooked with the seafood (lobster) stock, carrots, celery, tomatoes and corns. It is then filled with tomato, celery and mushroom cubes. Sprinkled with the generous amount of cheese powder and huge shrimps on top had completed our meal. The portion is pretty generous where the spaghetti is well cooked al-dente and the blend of the flavouful gravy with the fresh prawns in it.


We also had the Squid Ink Back Rice & Omu Egg (RM 28.80) . The exciting dish which is filled with moist and flavourful rice and each mouthful well paired with the fluffy eggs which are the best thing here. Well, you can find little jewelh here where there is the scallops and prawns hiding within the black rice. Delicious and it is such a great combination.

Well, we have also try the Mac and Cheese (RM 23.80) too which is another signature of Miam Miam. The combination of the macaroni pasta with the overflowing cheese combination of 4 different cheese wihich is yellow cheddar cheese, orange cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and Mozzarella cheese. Added the turkey bacon with the 4 different cheese with the crunchy Japanese breadcrumbs, it is sinfully delicious.
Well, after a heavy mains you would be sure to pamper yourselves with the signatures in Miam Miam is the Famous French Toast (RM16.80) – with homemade whipped cream and maple syrup. The freshly baked toast is served in the pot with the heavy wipped cream on top of it. Comes together is the mini cup which is filled with the maple syrup where you can add it according to your preference. The toast is prepared perfection and it is recomend to be consumed while it is still hot. Being that, the lovely French Toast leaves us with the crunchy taste a the outside and the soft texture in the inside. The dish reall melts my heart wihich is easy to made but they had it done so unique where I can hear the delights had been calling me for a comeback for second round.

Well, the Original Souffle (RM 12.80) takes around 30 minutes to prepare as they make it fresh in the kitchen. It is just perfect where once you have your meal not long, the delicious desserts comes in at the right time. The sweet Souffle is beautifully risen with the abundant flavorsome. The texture is light and airy which makes is too my liking. Fluffiest state but the golden brown French soufflé is a perfectly fits to my tastebuds well and it is such a pleasant delights. You can try them in Vanilla Flavours or a Matcha souffle.


The Caramelised Banana Pancake (RM19.80) is served with bananas cooked in a deep golden caramel sauce and topped with premium gelato vanilla soft serve with toasted almond nibs. The pancake comes airy and it is very pretty as well. It is sinfully delicious with the caramelized flavours of banana with the pancake and it is such a perfect match. I am pampered with the special delights which I could not resist to have more.

But wait a minute. With the offerings of pasta and baked rice, pancake and soufflé, you will be pampered with their drinks too.
As for drinks, they have the Iced Matcha Latte with softee (RM12.80) where the thick fragrant Japanese Green Tea which is prepared with milk and topped with the matcha softeee ice cream and sprinkled with green tea powder. If you are a big fans of green tea, this would be your favorite of all.


If you love to get the hot one, they have the hot Matcha too. The fragrant matcha which is thick and creamy is served well to pampered you during to cold rainy days.

Well, not to forget their signature handripped coffee (RM 9.80). Served in a coated bronze cup, the coffee is all the way cold inside the cup with the fragrant blend of coffee taste. Nice.

So, why not make a pop to Miam Miam to get your yummy delights there.

Miam Miam
146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Old Wing location, replacing Petite Millie

(Pork Free)

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