Kuriya Japanese Restaurant is a unique Japanese restaurant to visit. Bringing the unique atmosphere for dining and craving for a variety of delectable Japanese food, Kuriya is listed among some of the famous place for dining in Bangsar Shopping Centre which you can find Burps! , Twenty One, Marquise Patisserie, Dancing Fish, and even more.

Kuriya- “aristocratic kitchen” in Japanese, found only in homes of the noble class, it is the place where dishes are prepared for important guest, Kuriya now spoils you for choice with a range of authentic Japanese restaurant, each offering unique atmosphere and menus featuring seasonal ingredients which is delivered freshly from Japan every week. Diners will never regret dining in Kuriya with the Japanese creations of sashimi which is freshly prepared with the imported seafood.

The restaurant is also divided into three sections which is The al-fresco, the garden and the dining hall with the kimono welcoming the patrons. Well designed and suitable for intimate, friends, family and corporate dining.



We started our Gastronomic Japanese delights with the Japanese Yee Sang. Like many restaurant, Kuriya Japanese Restaurant aso launches their Yee Sang to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Their Yee Sang ( RM 38.00++) comes with the vibrant colorful of ingredients’ to welcome the year of horse. The Yee Sang is priced from RM 38.00++ onwards and here let’s toss for a colorful horse year ahead,

Next we have the Chef Appetizers Special which is priced at RM 20 per head. Presented in lovely colors, the appetizers are definitely surprise you.

Comes in the petite size for all the appetizers, we started with the scallops which is topped over the fish roe. The scallops are juicy while the fish roe added in to it brings sweetness into the dish itself. Decorated with sliced cucumber and mashed radish, the scallops brings us with a more refreshing taste. The petite quail egg is good too. The quail egg is topped below with the tofu where the combination of the bite give you the satisfaction of delights from the fragrance of the egg and tofu. Tempting!!. Comes in petite size is he flavorful smoke duck roll sided with edamame and the Japanese anchovies. I love the enchovies which is crunchy and it makes a great much with it.
Broiled octopus comes next. The small little plate which have the combination of the octopus, braised quail egg and also avocado surprisingly taste delicious. It makes a creamy taste and the chewy taste of octopus match them all, which we are totally falling in love with it.
Chef Recommendation Feb Set Dinner (RM98.00) which is themed with the “winter food fair”. A valuable set comes with the chef recommended assorted sashimi, crab and oyster tofu gratin, seafood steamboat in Japanese Style, The Omakase 4 kinds of sushis and the monthly dessert.
Seafood Steamboat Japanese Style is served with the generous amount of ingredients such clams, prawns, scallops and many more. The bowl of Japanese Steamboat is simply scrumptious and the soup brings us with the sweet and flavorful taste.
The sashimi were good too. The salmon, tuna and the prawns are anazubfkt fresh and each bites is filled with the sweetness from the ingredient itself.

This goes same with the sushi too.


We are so tempted with the desserts too. The creamy mango custard which is nested wth the cherries, apple, orange, strawberry and more is beautifully topped with the sugar nest. Brings us with the tangy, sweet and juicy delights, the desserts is perfect to end your meal with such a great sweet ending.
Seafood & Wagyu Beef Sizzling with Salmon Sashimi and Fruits Set Lunch (RM38.00) is available in Kuriya.



The portion is slightly smaller but it can end you with a complete meal. The set comes with salad, Chawanmushi, seafood and assorted beef sizzling style, steamed rice and miso soup as well as salmon sashimi and fruits too. The sizzling set is really good and the soup is simply flavorful too.



Omakase Unagi Maki (RM120.00) is one of the signature dish in Kuriya. The huge Unagi is generously topped over the sushi roll and the size is really a big one which is double of the normal size of Unagi Maki roll. Each mouthful of the sushi is filled with the soft, smoky unagi which comes with the sweet sauce too.


Australian Wagyu Aburi Yaki (RM68 for 60g, RM88 for 100g) which is with the marble grade 7 is being seasoned with salt and pepper. It is then being grilled over the Sumiyaki Charcoal which is being imported all the way from Japan where the charcoal has less smoke and smell too. This makes your meal more enjoyable with it. The meat is just perfectly sliced which makes grilling much more easier and each mouthful of the wagyu beef is tender and juicy.

Jikasei Tofu (RM12.00) is another signature in Kuriya. The handmade tofu by the chef which is slightly pale in taste, and the texture is not too smooth too and it is not really soft. It goes well with wasabi or even goes well with sake.

Ika Shioyaki (RM18.00) is where the whole squid is lightly seasoned and being broiled. Served with not to appeling look, the ika is indeed bring us surprise when we had our munch on it. The original sweet flavors of the squids cna be tasted and each bites is very sweet too.
Soba Abekawa (RM10.80) comes with 3 petite desserts to try off. The interesting delights which is soft texture, chewy and sticky is just perfect to try off.

Oshiruko (RM8.80) is a very thick red bean soup which is topped with the soba balls. It is just not too sweet which is worth to enjoy.

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant
Bangsar Shopping Centre
T2, 3rd Floor,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Taman Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hour: 11.30am -10.30pm daily
Contact: 03 – 2093 9242
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KuriyaJapaneseRestaurant

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