Bangsar Shopping Centre is unveiling its first ever Asain Food Gallery which by the name of Burp! And it is more than just a food court in the shopping centre itself. Burp! The Asian Food Gallery at the Bangsar Shopping Centre is the contemporary food court which is being furnished with the modern interiors that gives the customer a cosy and a warm ambience in whole. It is located at the fourth floor of BSC, an array of local Asian dishes are sold by nine food stalls here. This food court offers a good range of stall serving up local favourites, with dishes such as asam laska, cendol, murtabak, nasi kandar and tastes from all states of this delicious country.The food court works on a passport system, so you collect a card on the way in, swipe it each time you make a purchase and then pay on the way out.

I am coming for food and it has the variety of choices of food available to choose from the 9 stalls there. We started our meal with the tomyam soup.The seafood tom yam comes from comes rom the version of Thai Kopitiam restaurant which is located at Kuchai Lama. The tomyam soup is well prepared with the thick tomyam soup and served inside the coconut. It has served with prawns and squids with it.
Price: RM 10.50

Next, is the Penang favorites which is the asam laksa. The asam laksa is prepared mildly spicy and with the flavourful of the Penang noodle dish with the assam fish and an array of the fragrant garnishes like onion, cucumber, pineapple and mint leaves.
Price: RM 7.90

Sambal udang buah petai is one of the Malaysia favorites. This is where the spicy and tangy dish which  is furnished with fresh prawns and petai which cover the spicy taste bites of Malaysia.
Price: RM 12.90

We are also being served with the Japanese Delights which is the Chicken Katsu Don. The Chicken Katsu Don is where the dish is served with the breaded chicken and greens and it is topped with the spring onions on top.
Price: RM 10.00

Next is the House Special udon where the udon is topped with half boiled egg and spring onions in a delicate soy sauce.
Price: RM 6.00

Kaarage which is the Japanese Style Nuggets is where the chicken meat is breaded and deep fried till crispy to be served. The taste is simply crunchy and crispy with the juicy meat. It is served with 3 pieces of kaarage in the bowl.
Price: RM 3.00

Hotplate mushroom chicken yee mee is where the meal is served in hot plate and it is served together with slices of mushroom as well as the cutted chicken meat.
Price: RM 7.90

Nasi Lemak is another Malaysian favorite. The Malaysian favorites where the thick flavored coconut rice is served with rendang as well as sambal, ikana bilis and a half – full boiled chicken egg.
Price: RM 6.80

If you like to have some noodles, you may try the Mee Mamak. Mee Mamak is where the chopped onions, green chillies, fried beancurd and noodles are being fried together and served hot.
Price:RM 6.50

Rojak taufu is a rich peanut-infused gravy which is served together with bean curd, bean sprouts, turnips, cucumber and egg. It is perfect for a light lunch or snacks.
Price: RM 5.00

For chicken rice lovers, you may get a try of their chicken rice where you can have a choice of roasted or steamed cheeicken with the fragrant rice.The delights Is being served with the ginger and chili accomplainiments.
Price:RM 9.80

We also tried another Penang favorites is Char Koay Teow. The flat rice noodles fried with anything from eggs, onions, garlic, prawns and cockles. The texture is slightly wet compared to the usual char koay teow.
Price: RM 8.90

We just love the chicken satay which is full of chicken meat which the chicken meat which is tender as well. It is being accompamied with the peanut sauce.
Price: 13.50 ( 10 sticks)

Next dish will be the thick curry noodles where the curry is full of aroma as well as the scrumptious of ingridients like prawns, and more.
Price:RM 7.90

– Some picks of Yong Tau Fu-

Yong Tau Fu Lovers not to forget you have a large variety of choices of ingridients to choose like chillies, taufu, fu chok, fishballs, wantans and more.
Price: RM 8 ( with choice of 4 pcs yong tau fu)

They do have Mamak too. If you love to try some mamak food you may try them up at the Mamak counter too. They have a variety to choose from chicken, meat, beef and seafood and all is listed at the panel
Ketam: RM 25.00
Prawns: RM 15.00
Ayam: RM 6.50

I just love the offering they have for customer where you can have your meal without hassle. A big IT screen for you to see what to eat , the children space for little one to play and also they have board game to share and play. Not to forget, enjoy your self with the high speed internet connection here too.

Address :
4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
5900 Bukit Bandaraya
Kuala Lumpur


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