St. Francis Xavier Church in Melaka was built in 1856, in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a prominent 16th-century Catholic missionary. The church is beautifully located at the middle of historical Malacca City. Since, we walk along the streets of Malacca, the achitecture of the church is beautiful and we snapped them up.

St. Francis Xavier Church was once the largest church built by the Paris Foreign Missionaryin the Malay Peninsula. The church was believed to be modelled after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Southern France, Montpellier, which followed closely the older church’s original construction, except for a portico which was later added in 1963.

Getting there

From Dutch Square, walk along Jalan Laksamana. The St Francis Xavier’s Church is on the right side of the road.

Tel: 06 – 2824770 / 06 – 2824817

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