Dim Sum in Renaissance had been always my favorite since my first dining there. Dining the dim sum there is sinfully addictive and no matter how much had been ordered, we will for sure to complete the dim sums. This time around, we had our dim sum again at the restaurant itself.

Stepping in the restaurant with a smile, we are being brought to our seats and served with the tea to our preference. The dim sum menu is pretty simple where the one page menu is filled with small pictures and all at one price which is at RM 9.50 each. We ordered quite a number of chef’s recommendation and delights.

Siew Mai Dynasty Renaisance KL
Dynasty Minced Pork Dumplings Topped with fish roe is perfectly a good choice for a Chinese dining. The succulent minced meat with lots of the minced prawn in between is just perfectly made for a dine. The delicious portion on dim sum just as good as it is where we are just totally falling in love with

 steamed rice flour roll with barbeque pork  dynasty renaissance Hotel KL
We had the steamed rice flour roll with barbeque pork and vegetable. Well minced barbeque pork added between the steamed rice is just nice to be enjoyed in the cozy morning. The barbeque meat taste just absorb in between the steamed rice roll which is just perfect.

Shanghai Dumpling
For Shanghai Dumpling simmered in Supperior Stock, the shanghai dumpling is just well done with the juicy and sweet soup inside the dumpling itself. The juiciness of the shanghai dumpling is just perfect and I called in the king of the day with the aromatic flavours which is infused within it.

lotus leaf rice

lotus leaf rice

As for the lotus leaf rice, well steamed in a small little rice parcel is just not to heavy for a meal to share. It is being served with the shell abalone with it.

baos renaissance hotel
Being in the dim sum restaurant, it will be a must to order the oinky baos. The fluffy barbeque pork bun is filled with lots of minced meat just perfect to share with.

We love the springy bouncy fish balls too which is well made with fresh ingridients. Yummz

eggtarts, renaissance KL
If you prefer some egg tarts, here you go with the lovely cute baked oven egg tarts which just melts in your mouth. It is perfectly done with the creamy custard served in it. These are amazingly good and what I love the most as well.
prawn roll with egg yolk
Others include the dynasty prawn roll with egg yolk. The prawn rolls is crispy at the outside and the fresh prawns which melts in the mouth is just perfectly done.

We ended with lots of nice highlights and ended up too full and wish to sleep in the restaurant after the delicious heavy dim sum meals
Price: RM 9.50 each

Dynasty Restaurant
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Level 1, East Wing,
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03- 2162 2233
Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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