Miraku Japanese restaurant is bringing another new promotion in Paradigm Mall where they came of with the Eat-All You Can promotion. The restaurant offers a large spread of buffet menu which is not to be missed where they have variety of sushis, as well as sashimis and more.

The buffet is filled with the assortment of sashimi where the sashimi are fresh at the little boat. The sashimi which includes salmon fish, white fish, sardine, squid, scallops, taro and more are freshly served with it simply delicious and superb. They do have a large variety of sushi which is being served too. The sushis are simply fresh and the buffet features an array of creations of Sushis. There you goes with the simply a large assortment of sushis which are fresh and it is worth for money.

The fresh salmon

– The variety of Sushi includes Inari, Ebi, Tamago Sushi-

Besides that, there are also ika, fresh salmon, ika and more variety. The sushi are well made and fresh which we are simply fall in love.

– The variety of Soba-

– The variety of Soba-

If you love noodles, they also have soba in their buffet as well

Light Japanese Snacks are also available in the spread of buffet line. Okonomiyaki, Kim chi, Edaman, Oshinko, Green salad and more are also available in the buffet line.

– Okonomiyaki-

-Tako Satsuma-Age-



There is also the more variety of sushis too which I love hotate, and more. I am totally falling in love with the variety of sushis.

Besides the sushis, the buffet spread also covers more variety of items like deep fried prawns, eggs and more.

If you are a fans of chicken karage, they do have their scrumptious, juicy chicken karage to dine too.

Tempura temptations do fill up by tummy too with the assortment and variety of the deep fried items like prawns, mushrooms, sweet potatos and brinjals.

There are plentiful of maki being presented on the plate as well. The maki is being presented beautifully with the Avagadro Roll, Fry Roll and Unagi Roll as well. The crab maki is one of my favorites item where it is beautiful made with the scrumptious bites of the crablicious taste.

-Avagadro Roll, Fry Roll and Unagi Roll-

More buffet items which I love the most is the yaki sakana where the item which is being served. There are salmon shioyaki are well grilled and served hot as well as saba teriyaki. Both items are indeed delicious and my favorite item. Not only that, the buffet spread includes much more variety where I am very tempted includes Salmon Fried Rice, Chicken Sukiyaki, Yakitori and Tori Tsukane and many more.

– Salmon Fried Rice-

-Chicken Sukiyaki-

– Yakitori & Tori Tsukune-

-Hamaguri Sakamushi-

– Chawanmushi-

– The Choices of Ice Creams-

– The Toppings for Ice Creams-

After the delicious meals, you can end the meals with some desserts too. There are a variety of ice cream to choose where you can grab the taste of Kurogoma Ice Cream, Matcha Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream. You can be top your ice cream with the scrumptious ingredients like breadcrump, red bean, wafer, oreo flakes and more.

Besides ice cream, you can try more desserts like variety of jellies like coffee jelly, anmitsu as well as anin tofu too.

You can end our meal with the variety of platter of fruits too which includes oranges, watermelons, pineapples and more.

You can enjoy a free flow of juices like apple, mango, orange and pineapple juice. Not only that, there are also green tea for you to tried off as well.

With the spread buffet, I would say it is indeed worth for money as well as the food quality is also superb too. It is simply a good choice of place for having the buffet. The buffet spread is available every Sunday only at Miraku, Paradigm Mall.

Adult : RM 59
Children (aged 3-12) : RM 35
Children (below 3) : FOC
Operating Hour: 1130 – 1150 & 1800 – 2300 (Monday – Thursday) 1200 – 2300 (Friday – Sunday)

Lunch 1130 till 1630
Dinner 1800 till 2200

Miraku @ Paradigm Mall
Lot GB02, Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya,
47301, Selangor,
Tel : 03-7886 9931
Fax : 03-7886 9732
Email : [email protected]
Operating Hour: 1130 – 1150 & 1800 – 2300 (Monday – Thursday) 1200 – 2300 (Friday – Sunday)


  1. SHKee says

    I want to make a reservation for about 25 pax for buffet lunch coming Sunday 12.7. Pse advise whst is the rate for adult & children.

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