October is the month to tantalise your taste buds! Be prepared to be thrilled by a symphony of scrumptious cuisine for lunch and dinner when the 12th international award winning Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) takes place from the 1 to 31 October 2012 where Malaysia’s top restaurants will serve up Special Festival Menus at Special Festival Prices.

Themed “Classical Chefs!”, this year’s MIGF represents a return to pure and honest cuisine ensuring the very best of traditional cooking be it Malaysian, Japanese, Korean , Italian, French or any other variety.

At Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Chef Danny Leow at Sagano Restaurant has artfully orchestrated a delightful range of Japanese fare. This round, Renaissance Hotel had offered a line of tantalizing 4-course Festival Menu that is sure to tantalize the tastebuds. Using both local and imported ingredients, Chef Danny emphasizes on the importance of presentation and says that food has to look fresh and fascinating; where textures, tastes and colours have to be in balance in order to please all senses.

We started with the Trio Appetizers which is a combination of 3 types of cute sweet delights.

Deep fried homemade tofu with prawn tartar roll (自家製揚げ豆腐海老タルタルロール) is well served with the crispy exterior and the soft tofu with it. The tofu is smooth and appetizing which makes it very perfect and it is topped with prawn tartar roll.

Baked oyster with special salsa (焼き牡蠣サルサソース添え) where the big fresh oyster are well served with the salsa on top is perfectly well made.

Salmon belly sushi ball (鮭ハラス寿) is where the fresh salmon are being used to wrapped the rice ball and being served.

We then follow with the mains which started with the Simmered melon filled with minced prawn in rice paper hot pot (冬瓜とエビ団子の紙鍋) is where the soup is well infused with the melon. The soup gives a light saltiness and the soup is very aromatic as well.

-Pan seared butter fish with black sesame, sesame sauce (白マグロ胡麻和え)-
Pan seared butter fish with black sesame, sesame sauce (白マグロ胡麻和え)-

Next will be the Pan seared butter fish with black sesame, sesame sauce (白マグロ胡麻和え) is indeed a well made dish. The butter fish is very fresh and it is well cut into 5 piece with the black sesame and the sesame sauce. The fish is then served with the potato croquette which is placed on the middle. The overall taste is very good and delicious which brings up the perfect freshness from the fish and the potato croquette is having a crispy and crunchy skin with it too.

agyu striploin teppanyaki with Japanese potato salad (和牛サーロインポテトサラダ添え)-

For beef lover, you would  sure to fall in love with the Wagyu striploin teppanyaki with Japanese potato salad (和牛サーロインポテトサラダ添え). The wagyu are being cooked with the teppanyaki style and being served with thin sliced of red radish and Japanese Potato Salad. The double Grade A Wagyu in very delicious and it’s meat is tender and juicy which makes everyone in the table love to grab for another plate of it.

Inaniwa udon with chilled fresh tomato sauce (稲庭うどんトマトチリソース)-

Inaniwa udon with chilled fresh tomato sauce (稲庭うどんトマトチリソース) is one of my favourite of all. The udon is well served where the udon is well cooked and topped with cruchy bites. It is then being served with the chilled fresh tomato sauce and the combination is really perfect.

We ended our meals with a delighting desserts as well which is the Homemade coconut ice cream with deep fried pumpkin croquette (自家製ココナッツアイスクリーム南瓜コロッケ添え) which is one of my favorite desserts too. The coconut ice cream is very pure and refreshing .

The Sake

The Festival Menu is priced at RM138++ per person (without wines) and RM188++ per person (with wines) as well as RM108.00++ for a light Festival Menu without wines consisting of appetizers, soup, choice of one (1) main and dessert for those opting for a quick bite.

Festival diners will also enjoy a host of privileges such as:-
– Complimentary cocktail on arrival
– 20% discount on selected wines/champagne ordered
– 20% discount on any beverage with the Festival Menu
– Spend RM800nett and take home a free bottle of wine
– 15% discounts on selected cigars with the Festival Menu
– Book more than 10 seats and enjoy 20% discount on the Festival Menu
– 20% discount on benchmarked room rate. Applicable with Festival Menu booking
– Book for 15 seats and enjoy one complimentary Buffet Dinner @ TEMPTationS

Make a date with us all through October! Both Sagano and Dynasty are open daily for lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 11.00pm. To discover more, please call 03-2162 2233 or email [email protected]

Renaissance Hotel,
138 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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