Fu-Rin is one of the restaurants which is operated by the Holiday Inn Management. Aside Kites which serves international buffet, Fu-Rin serves the authentic Japanese delights which is one of the thumbs up Japanese food I had tried. This round, we are being invited to have a review on the Furin ala-carte menu. Some little bites of the restaurant to share before recommending the delicious food.

Fu-Rin, the Japanese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, has been rated one of Malaysiaâ of the best Japanese restaurants in 2009 by Malaysia Tatler. Fu-Rin is located on the ground floor of the hotel has a cosy and relaxing environment had enhance the dining experience. There are a tatami room, two private rooms, a sushi bar and a Teppanyaki counter. Its cuisine is prepared according to seasonal ingredients. A selection of wines and an extensive list of sake are also available. Quality ingredients, expertise and an exceptional menu make Fu-Rin the choice for fine dining in Kuala Lumpur.

– Soft Shell Crab-
– The piece of Softshell Crab-

We started our meal with the softshell crab. The softshell crab is well fried till golden brown and it is simply crispy and having the crunchy texture. The overall taste of it is good and also recommended.
Price: RM 45.00/portion

Next we tried the Kyoguku Sashimi Moriawase which it is served with shiny pinks and reds sitting atop slices of lemon that gave most of the pieces a lovely zing.There were seven different kinds of fish in the bowl and they were all extremely fresh which includes Toro(Tuna belly),Hamachi(Yellow tail),Shake belly(Salmon belly), Hotate(Scallop), Maguro(Tuna), Ika(cuttlefish) as well as Mekajiki(Swordfish). The sashimi is very appetizing and the chef is using the ice to maintain the freshness of the sashimi.
Price: RM205.00++

– The Tempura Moriawase-
– The Tempura Moriawase-

Next we tried the tempura is a mixture of deep fried prawns as well as vegetables such as mushroom, potatoes and more. The prawns are well deep fried with the fresh oil and prawns which makes it even nicer. The decoration of the Tempura Moriawase is indeed eye catching as well.
Price: RM 45.00++

If you love fish, Gindara Teriyaki is one of the recommended dish of all. The cod fish is tender, white, non-fishy fish that goes wonderfully well with teriyaki sauce. The taste is slightly salty to me but it is still good as the fish is fresh and smooth.
Price: RM62.00++

– The plate of Wa-Gyu Teppanyaki-
– The nearer View of Wa-Gyu Teppanyaki-

The Wagyu Beef is one of the recommended dishes. The dish is well made with the high grade beef as well as being cooked with the teppanyaki style. The beef is tender and the texture is really good which is well made enough with 50% cooked. Accompanied the meal with some vegetables which is cooked in teppanyaki style make it even more perfect.
Price: RM 360.00++

-Teppanyaki Chicken –

Aside of teppanyaki Wagyu Beef, we are also being served with a portion of Teppanyaki Chicken which is simply good. Well cooked with light sauce and low flame, the teppanyaki chicken is simply good with the tender chicken meat with it.
Price: RM 35.00++

Garlic Fried Rice is well cooked and it is well cooked and the rice is very fragrant in taste.
Price: RM 12.00++

Aside the normal garlic fried rice, they do serves the beef garlic fried rice where the beef is cut into tiny pieces and being fried together with the rice. The fragrant from the beef to be served together rice is indeed a good combination to try if you are beef lovers.
Price: RM 12.00++

– The Soba/Udon-
– The Soba/Udon-

The Soba noodles are also one of the favorites in the shop as well. The soba noodles are tangy and it is also very smooth and silky. I just fall in love with the soba which comes with some seaweed on top with the mushrooms
Price: RM 35.00++

We completed our meal with the desserts. What’s so special about the desserts? We are having WASABI ice cream.. This is indeed something special rather than the usual green tea or red bean ice cream. The ice creams are one of the speciality here where I think wasabi ice cream is hardly being found in Malaysia. The wasabi ice cream is cold from the outside and once you taste it, it has the strong and burning sensation to your throat. If you are a Wasabi Fans, you may think of trying these.
Price: RM 15.00++

Aside, we also tried the Sesame Ice Cream which turns out to be very nice. The ice cream is great as well with the thick smells of sesame with it.
Price: RM 15.00++

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie,
No. 1, Jalan Usahawan U1/8,
Seksyen U1, , Shah Alam,
Selangor. 40250
Tel: 03-7802 5288


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    love Fu Rin…its been one of our fave haunts the last 2 years. was there last week and throughly enjoyed the soba. The wasabi ice cream is certainly the best I have had for sometime. Awesome.

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