There is new restaurant which is located at Damansara Utama which serves a nice fusion food. The restaurant is located at the same row with The Ship and it is well decorated with plain colors and pretty designs on the walls.
The restaurant is well decorated with the warmth feeling where they have the unique chalk drawing on their walls.

We started of our meal with the Entree dishes where the dishes are being served in small cups and it is simply cute.

– The whole set-

The some dishes we had is the Asam Pedas Prawn On Toast where I felt is very special. The spicy prawns are being serves with the sweet and spicy taste is indeed a nice entry to try with
Price: RM 10.80/5 pcs

The Sweet & Sour Fish Mantau is where the mantau is cut in to half and in the middle it is stuffed with the crispy made fish with the sweet and sour sauce added with it.
Price: TBA

Beef Lemongrass Shooters is served with the small cute cup with the lemongrass shotters with it.
Price: RM8.80/3pcs

Romaine Thai Chicken Salad is indeed very spicy where the soury and spicy Thai delights is served in small portion with the tiny little chilly padi with it.
Price: RM8.80/5pcs

Now we are coming for the Main Course.

– The serving of Famous 46th Rangoon Street Laksa-

We are being served with their signature homemade dish which is the Famous 46th Rangoon Street Laksa with Prawn and Crispy Beancurd Skin. The noodles are silky smooth pan mee style noodles with the curry brooth. The curry brooth which is being served is much thicker and the brooth is slightly powdery felt. It is being served together with chicken meat, the crispy beancurd as well some prawns together with it.
Price: RM 9.80 ( served with a drink)

Entree Dry Curry Chicken Served with Rice is where the spicy curry us being served with the rice and the crispy papadam ceackers. The curry is indeed very thick and well served together with it. The rice is kinda special as it is being cooked with the pandan leave and butter.
Price: RM 10.80

Coriander Peanut Pesto Stuffed Chicken with Deep Fried Vegetables and Mashed Potato is being served on our table. The chickens are being served with the thick sauce and in the middle you can see the thick pesto. The chicken is simply tender and we could not even felt that having the breast chicken meat.
Price: RM18.80

Vegetarian Ratatouille Pasta is indeed a great choice for those who loves to eat vegetables. The meal is indeed creative and it taste good with the correct amount of sauce to serves with it.
Price: RM 10.80

We ended our meal with the desserts which is the Deep Fried Jackfruits Springrolls with Passion Fruit Coulis and Ice Cream. The wrapping of the jackfruit alike popiah is great and they serve really nice jackfruit and well decorated with the sweet passion fruit sauce which makes a great and nice dessert. It is being served together with half mango which is sweet and able to mix well with the vanilla ice cream.
Price: RM8.80

*All price are subjected to 5% service charge

Entree Cafe
33, Jalan SS 21/56B,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone: 0377328540 / 0122688540

Email: [email protected]
Opening Hourse: 10am to 10pm daily

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