Hawker Delights @ Padang Food Court.

Padang Brown as we know is famous for a variety of hawker food from dim sum, yong tau fu, popiah and many more. There is actually 2 parts of the local food here where one side is famous for the pasembur which is facing Jalan Anson.

As for this time, we went for the near Jalan Datuk Keramat which is nearby the ESSO petrol station. Dear love the dim sim the most where he says that the fish ball is very nice and delighting. What is nice there inclusive of the Penang MOST famous food which is the Penang Asam Laksa

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The Penang Laksa not too sour and they have a lot of fishes and the laksa is simply delighting. The laksa has a lot of ingredients and is simply delighting. You can choose to have a large one or a small one as well. The taste is simply nice and delighting which I really love them a lot.

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Other than that, we also tried the Malay Style popiah. It is not much a different except the ingredients is being fried before it was being wrapped by the popiah skin. Other than that, the malay popiah is a bit dried comparable.

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Lastly, that’s our favorite which was the dim sum. The dim sum is absolute delicious and delighting where you can find hot and fresh dim sum served. The dim sum is extreme nice and yummy and I love the fish ball a lot where me and dear had been having to have it drastically and a lot .. the taste is real yummy which we took up to 5-6 plates.

Overall, the meal is here is cheap and nice. A good place recommended for afternoon snacks.

Popiah: 2/5
Dim Sum: 5/5
Laksa: 4/5

Road side, @ Padang Brown along Jalan Dato Keramat

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