A Must in Ipoh- Pomelo

When ever you go to Ipoh and if you did not buy any Pomelo from there, meaning u haven’t been to Ipoh! Thats why everytime i go to Ipoh , I will buy Pomelo Back fr my families..

Pomelo also named as “you zhi” 柚子 in mandarin or sometimes we called it as Chinese grapefruits. It’s a huge fruits where the size can easily go up to 30 cm width and few kg in weight. It’s green and yellowish when its ripe and it have a very think peel. The pulp colour ranges between clear pale yellow to pink to red, and normally the pinkish pulp will tasted slightly bitter while the pale yellow will tasted sweet…. This trip, the owner of the shop actually introduce me to a new species which sweet taste for the pinkish pulp…WOW!

the price is not real cheap.. It ranges from RM 10- 20 per biji le.. But is nice.. hehe

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