This restaurant has a whole array of seafood tanks containing seafood from all around the globe, hence the name Unique Seafood. Their seafood ranges from the ordinary mud crabs to various types of fish. You may find almost any big seafood in the tank.Four Seasons: Comes with 4 Choices of food. … [Read more...]

Jade Palace Dinner

Had a wedding diner at Jade Palace last weekend .. The foodin not bad. Heard that the table cost RM600/table. Let’s see wat is so so oishi for the RM 600/table4 SEASON – this is mostly an appetizer in all restorant where they start with 4 season.. so this one they have Jelly fish and sotong .. so … [Read more...]

Sea Palace 10 course dinner

Having wedding dinner yesterday.. a bit tiring.. as ppl are more to the election results yesterday more than the dinner. me as well.. would like to get the latest results as well.. and can see.. ppl are helding handphone and getting sms or called each other frens for the latest results. Oops.. where … [Read more...]