Tai Chong Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Teluk Intan which serves nice dining. It is a restaurant which is famous to go for wedding dinner or even family dinner.

七星伴明月 is the first dish on the table. A combination of 7 types of delights which is squids, stir fried egg, wantan, salad prawns, chicken wings, prawns wrapping and a yam cashewnut. The delights is simply a large portion and nice especially the prawns, salad, fried eggs and squids are my favorites.

一品上等窝 is a nutritious soup I can say simply nutritious. The soup consists of abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, mushrooms and some pork for taste. Nice combination.

龙凤皆呈祥 is a combination of roasted duck and steamed chicken. The duck is simply crispy and the chicken is juicy as well

娘惹银鲳鱼 is a dish which is soury spicy. The pomfret is well mix with the asam taste and served with lady fingers. Fish is simply fresh and sweet.

发财全家福 is a nutritious dish where is is well decorate with broccolis, mushrooms, and tangy fish maws. The taste is slightly salty and it is served with carrots in it.

XO 带子虾卷 is one of the special one. The scallops are stir fried with the XO sauce and it is matched with the shimp rolls. The taste is simply tangy and scallop is real nice and crunchy.

珍珠糯米饭 is a like nyonya style ba chang. The texture is nice and well wrapped.

同心芝麻包 is a sesame desserts not to be missed. The sesame is well made and is not mouth sticky as well and the texture is good too.

Lastly, Is the longan drink to finish up the course meal

Overall taste: 5/5
Price: RM 500/ table

75E, F & G, Jalan Changkat Jong,
Teluk Intan 36000 Perak.
Tel 60-5-6212416

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