Course Dinner @ Restaurant Sea Palace, Taman Pekaka

Restaurant Sea Palace is a place where many people celebrate their big day there like wedding, anniversary, birthday and more. This time, we went for my parents’ anniversary at the restaurant.

As usual, the dishes is nearly the same for all the course dinner. The starting one will be the Four season. The four season ordered is simply nice. I love it so much where there are jelly fish and more. Yummy yummy.

The shark fin soup is the next course meal where the sharkfin was nice and delighting. The sharkfin soup is not too starchy as well. The taste is delighting and overall I can say is ichiban

The meal also comes with the Kerabu Chicken where the chicken are being roasted and added the kerabu mango on it. The meal for this is not the signature as so cant say it is superb yummy. Still not bad in taste.

Stir fried vege is another one which are in the list. The stir fried vege taste is simply nice and delighting and it is serves with mushroom and asparagus. Yummy Yummy

Braised stew pork is also nice and yummy but is a bit too oily for me.. Overall, the taste is nice.

Nyonya steam fish is nice and the nyonya sauce is a bit spicy. The overall taste is simply delighting with the delighting nyonya taste and the combination was superb.

I love the salad prawn the most. The fresh prawns is so nice and delighting. The prawns is being deep fried and then they poured with the salad sauce. The taste is delighting and most of all, I can just put them in mouth without taking out the skin..haha.. That’s what I love the most.. Is good for lazy people like me.

Dad also make order of the Sang Mee or mainly called the Birthday Mee. The mee is a soupy mee which comes with vege and some mushroom and more. Taste is delighting

Dessert is the ending of the meal. The dessert ordered is the peanut soup and it likes the olden days the old generation people will love it more than me. A bit sweet.

Overall the meal is nice and delighting

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 400- RM 500 for the whole course

21-9, 1st Floor, Bangunan Lip Sin,
Lebuh Pekaka Satu,
Sungai Dua,
11700 Gelugor, Penang
Tel: 04-6593826
Fax: 04-6593876

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