Owned and managed under the same management company as Mizi Bistro, JL Gourmet is another restaurant owned by the same management. Famed for its western delights; I am back there after years Since we are there for lunch, they do served Set Lunch that comes with a soup, main, an ice cream and a … [Read more...]

Chin Koay Café Laksa

Chin Koay Café in 3rd floor Prangin Mall had caught my attention on makan after shopping at Prangin Mall, I am a big fans of one Penang famous food which is Laksa which is one of my most famous food.. I had tried many place laksa. Em, the laksa here is not much special except it it kinda very sour … [Read more...]

Prangin Mall Pasembur

Pasembur is one of the yummy food to have for snacks at late afternoon and anytime.. Penang dere are 2 types of Pasembur which are the chinese style and Indian style. I love the chinese style.. Where inside you can find cucumbers and mengkuang as well as some tau kua, and biscuits … is kinda of deep … [Read more...]