Since Ramadhan will be coming soon,  EQ returns with Citarasa Nipah, a diverse buffet spread of over 100 delectable traditional Malay and Southeast Asian dishes. The menu will be rotated weekly during the promotional period from 13 April until 31 May 2021.
In here, one can enjoy the wide variety from appetising Rendang Daging to fragrant Sambal Tumis Udang Galah, there is something for everyone  to enjoy in the feast, making it the ideal choice for family reunions, gatherings of friends and also business partners.
For starters, dig in to crowd-pleasing classics such as the Kerabu Nangka Muda, Kerabu Mangga Ala Siap, Som Tom Luas, Nyonya Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Urap Pucuk Manis dan Taugeh,  Kerabu Limau Bali, Udang Harimau dan Kacang and many more.
Enjoy the wide variety of dishes from their seafood selection such as the chilly clams, Udang galah and many more.

Don’t miss out the tantalising seafood on ice section which includes myriad fresh selections of mussels, tiger prawns, baby scallops and more.
The carving station will feature succulent Kambing Golek and heartier favourites can be found at the main buffet area with dishes like Gulai Lemak Cili Padi Daging Salai, Assam Pedas and the signature Kari Laksa Nipah. The latter is a classic recipe that has been shared over generations of Hotel Equatorial’s illustrious history.
Asides from that, you can enjoy the wide variety of dishes such as satay, grilled seafood and many more.
Chef Ali, the Chef de Cuisine, has more than 30 years of experience up his sleeve. Diners  can expect well-known dishes often found in celebratory Malaysian events such as  weddings, ’rumah terbuka’ and street carnivals. At the outdoor live station, his signature  Briyani Gam Johor Ayam or Daging is cooked with rich spices, vegetables and meat that  just melts off the bone.
Chef Hafizzul, the Executive Chef, has more than 18 years of experience in the industry,  working in Michelin-starred restaurants and other 5-star establishments. “Our Citarasa  Nipah menu consists of Cambodian, Thai, Indonesian, Peranakan, and Laotian  influences which all go well with our staple dish, rice,” said Chef Hafizzul. “Malaysia truly  represents Southeast Asia as a forefront of flavours and spices. We wish for our guests  to be spoiled for choice with all we have to offer from the region.”
EQ signature 3-tier tiffin carrier sets in 12CM and 13.5CM sizes with colour options of  turquoise, navy blue and purple will be for sale, including the option to purchase  specially-picked dining sets for both individuals and families. Each set includes acar, rice,  a signature dish, dessert and imported dates. Sets for Hari Raya are also available for 1  – 2 persons with choices such as Lemang, Ketupat, Kuah Kacang with Rendang Daging  or Ayam, Pulut Kuning dan Telur, and Daging Masak Hitam Berempah with Kari Ayam or Rendang Ayam. The carriers can also be purchased without food included and even  customised with a company logo.
Premium hampers will also be available for sale containing bespoke items, all including EQ limited edition Sampul Raya. Highlights would be imported pomegranate juice, Middle  Eastern baklava, luxurious chocolate-coated dates, homemade Raya cookies, Raya Eid  layer cake and fine teas from BOH Tea.
Opening Hours
Citarasa Nipah is available at Nipah from 13 April to 12 May 2021, daily, 7PM – 10.30PM.
Prices as follows:
Early Bird Vouchers
• RM148 per person
o Available: Until 13 April 2021
o Redemption Period: 13 – 18 April 2021 and 10 – 12 May 2021
• RM168 per person
o Available until 13 April 2021
o Redemption Period: 13 April – 12 May 2021
Buffet Dinner
• 13 April – 12 May 2021
• RM188 per person
Selera Serantau Exclusive Buffet Dinner
• 13 April – 12 May 2021
• Minimum of 50 persons
• RM208 per person
3-Tier Tiffin Carrier Sets
• Signature sets
o Available: From 13 April – 12 May 2021
o Signature individual set at RM128
o Signature family set at RM508
• Hari Raya sets
o Available: From 11 May – 12 June 2021
o Individual set at RM128
• Customised carrier requires 10 days advance order
Reservations: Recommended. Guests may call +603 2789 7839/7840, WhatsApp +60 12
278 9239 at https://wa.me/60122789239 or book through TableApp at
Promotions (Early Bird not applicable)
Children: 50% off for children ages 6 – 12.
Sampul Raya: Diners will receive exclusive EQ limited edition Sampul Raya, subject to  availability.
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