MUST TRY Musang King Durian Mooncake @ Delightful Dolce

Delightful Dolce is another favourite homebaker that I love the most when it comes to durian. Famed for their durian cake, Delightful Dolce brings you more than that where they do offer their signature mooncake as well.

And this year, Delightful Dolce offer you with their Musang King Mooncake which is indeed worth to go for. And in here, one can enjoy the premium Musang King Durian Mooncake without any guilt. Their Mooncake are beautifully made with the fresh durian inside and each mouthful comes divinely good and I can say I could not resist it. Their musang king mooncake comes with the generous portion of musang king in it.

Each piece of mooncake comes with the 100% Pure Durian and each of them is at 125g. They are priced at RM118 for 4 pcs of mooncake. Their mooncake is indeed a perfect indulgence and a must to try if you are a durian lover.

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