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Who would have thought of making matcha sexy? Choong Kar Wai and Choong Kar Heng, the dynamic and entrepreneurial sibling duo, certainly did! The Melbourne inspired coffee enthusiasts, who are also founders of the popular CoffeeSociété in Publika and Garage 51 in Bandar Sunway are now adding to their fast-expanding list of hip cafes with the introduction of Oh Cha Matcha. The chic new outlet is the first boutique matcha café in Malaysia that offers a plethora of healthy, playful and quirky matcha beverage options that are irresistibly delicious.

The brothers realized consumers have become more pro-active than they used to be when it comes to their health. They are now more engaged in their quest for good health and are more discerning in adopting healthy lifestyle choices. Oh Cha Matcha was conceived to fuel this demand with a slew of innovative healthy matcha concoctions that will probably turn coffee drinkers to avid matcha converts!

What is matcha? It is a traditional Japanese stone-ground powdered green tea which can be blended into hot drinks. In recent years, matcha has become a worldwide phenomenon and have gained cult like status thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties and vitamin composition.

While the term “matcha” is familiar to many, not many are aware of its numerous health benefits of which Oh Cha Matcha plans to share with fellow Malaysians.

Confident that their inspiration will work here in Malaysia, the team behind Oh Cha Matcha offers a line of premium grade matcha concocted into delicious and healthy beverages that will energize the body and soul naturally. Purists would instantly make a beeline for the traditional favorites whilst adventurous foodies and fitness buffs would opt for the exciting combinations under the Drink Your Colours and Beauty Series (collagen infused, a first!) categories. Their everpopular ceremonial grade matcha is of the highest grade and the choice of the Emperor of Japan for tea ceremonies, grown on the holy land of matcha in Uji, Kyoto.

Another first! While some cafes do offer dairy-free milk as substitutes to regular milk, none offers a selection quite as wide as Oh Cha Matcha. At no extra cost, Oh Cha Matcha have got you covered with a choice of soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk, all unsweetened, completely natural, no colouring and low in calories. In a nutshell, absolutely NO FAKE STUFF!

Besides getting your matcha fix, Oh Cha Matcha also offers an extensive food menu that are bound to tantalize all taste buds.

“Having a concept that stands out from others is important but it is not enough. Our aim is to create a boutique space that evokes a sense of belonging. Oh Cha Matcha should be a destination where  relationships are built, friendships made and communities unite.” said Kar Wai as he wanted to ensure that their matcha and its community remains the core of their business and the main reason people stay loyal to their brand.

“We hope to differentiate ourselves by generating a close, authentic link with people and with the community as a whole. Our community is our heartbeat.” said Kar Heng.

More about Oh Cha Matcha: –
Address: 130, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 7732 0397
Operating Hours during Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO): –
Sunday to Thursday – 10am – 8pm
Friday to Saturday – 10am – 10pm

Food delivery availability: Beep Delivery (

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