Hog Rock @ Sri Petaling

Hog Rock is one of the bars located at Sri Petaling. The restaurant brings you with the hangout spot for post-work chilling. The restaurant is located at Sri Petaling bringing yo with the wide variety of alcoholic drinks and savoury delights, light bites and many more.

With the cosy ambiance, high chair around the restaurant, one can perfectly enjoy the ambiance, enjoy the wide variety choices of beer, liquors, wine and many more in one place.

Lala Soup
(Pairing with Roku Gin)

The hot bowl of lala soup is something worth to order here. One can paired them with the Roku Gin where the dish brings up the distinctive aromas floral, citrusy and leafy green will bring out the freshness of the clams from the soup and enhance the already flavored soup. Nicely done and what’s more the lala comes simply fresh and good.

Flaming Roasted Chicken
(Pairing with Castillo De Eneriz Crianza)

One of their signatures, the Flaming Roast Chicken is beautifully presented with the flames. The chicken comes simply tender and juicy with the char taste in it. It is well paired with the ripe and intense wine with velvety tannins,

Salted Egg Deep Fried Fish Skin
(Pairing with Castillo De Eneriz Garnacha Graciano)

Perfectly deep fried till perfection, the salted egg are really good and delicious. Each mouthful brings you with the burst of light saltiness with the crispy bites which make the dish superbly good. Perfectly paired with Castillo De Enerix Garnacha!

Deep Fried Lotus
(Pairing with Castillo De Eneriz Garnacha Graciano)

If you are big fans of fried lotus, do try them now here. The deep fried lotus comes with crispy bites. They are well paired with the Castillo De Eneriz Garnacha Graciano where every bite packed with the flavours.

Spicy Soup Noodles Ma Lat
(Pairing with Auchentoshan 3 Wood)

One can enjoy the must to try is the Spicy Soup Noodles Ma Lat. The Soup comes simply addictive with the malat blend in it. The taste is not overpowering and powerful but it is just nice to me. Paired with the Auchentoshan 3 Wood, it brings you with the touch of sherry, fruit, syrup and marshmallow flavour notes will tone down the spiciness from the soup thus making it an ideal accompaniment.

For those who are looking for a nice dining and a hangout spot, Hog Rock (Sri Petaling) is definitely a good place to go for.

22, Ground Floor, Jalan Radin Bagus 1, Sri Petaling 57000 KL , Malaysia

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