Hennessy X.O Presents Unique Meat-pairing Opportunity for Home Chefs

Despite the continued relaxation of restrictions on dining-in at eateries by the government under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), recent news reports have highlighted that diners are still being cautious about eating out. This is understandable, as health and safety concerns still take high priority for Malaysian families. The good news is that food connoisseurs need not eat out to enjoy a wholesome, restaurant-quality meal. In fact, it is now easy for them to literally cook up and enjoy a complete gourmet experience with family and friends right in the safety and comfort of their own homes, thanks to Hennessy X.O, arguably one of the finest cognacs the world has ever known.

This July, Hennessy is inviting all gourmands to savour the flavoursome experience of cooking meatylicious prime beef paired with Hennessy X.O through its #MYHXOKitchen campaign. To deliver this unique experience, Hennessy has teamed up with Chef Sean Lauw of Johor’s Fat Butchery, well renowned as a one-stop-shop for premium meats.

With the #MYHXOKitchen campaign, foodies looking to cook up a truly delightful meal at home can have Fat Butchery’s famed cuts delivered right to their doorstep, along with a bottle of Hennessy X.O as an exquisite pairing to their meal – all at an incredible promotional price that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Those who wish to purchase the Hennessy X.O and Steak package can order theirs online at The Good Stuff’s website. To find out more about the #MYHXOKitchen initiative, log on to Hennessy Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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