Hana Dining & Sake Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

Being one of my favorite restaurants to visit when it comes to Japanese Cuisine, Hana never disappoint me at all with their awesome food. Located at Sunway Pyramid, Hana Japanese Restaurant is one of our family favorites where their food comes with quality and yet at affordable priced.

Kani Sashimi Salad (RM 15 (S)| RM 28(L))

For those who are a big fans of salad, must go for is their Kami Sashimi Salad. The lovely garden vegetable salad are filled with the delicious and fresh assorted sashimi and crab stick. They are so good where I don’t mind having all of it.

Shishamo Ninniku Mayo (RM 10)

For fans of fish, do go for their shishamo. One can have the delighting grilled salt water capeline fish  that is served with the garlic mayo sauce. Nice and scrumptious!

Salmon Overload Roll (RM 30)

The Salmon Overload Roll is worth to go for. One can enjoy the chunky fresh salmon which is beautifully wrapped together with the creamy avocado. That’s so awesome and I don’t mind having more of this too.

Jumbo Soft Shell Crab Roll (RM 40)

For soft shell crab lover, you should order the Soft Shell Crab Roll where they are so nice and delicious. Crispy bites of softshell crab and the meat is well rolled. Nicely done and the taste is perfectly good!

Chicken Teriyaki (RM 18)

Their chicken teriyaki is one of the signature too. Their chicken teriyaki is one of my favourites as they are well marinated with the teriyaki sauce and then being grilled till perfection. Nice and juicy each bites.

Ebi Tempura (RM 27)

Their Ebi Tempura comes to my favourite as the prawns are well battered and deep fried till golden brown. Each bites brings you with the delicious and yet crispy bites that you will definitely come back for more.

Asides from that for those who are big fans of sashimi, you can grab Hana’s Sashimi of your choice. They do serve with the choice of ala-carte or set depending to your preference. Their sashimi is one of my favorites as they comes simply fresh and melts in the mouth sensation.

Asides from that, one can choose their Business Course Meal where you can choose your choice of salad, vegetables and drinks. We had our executive course with their signature Tofu Omelette together with the Assorted Nigiri at only RM 30.00 (Lunch) and  RM 40 (dinner). The portion are pretty generous and they are incredibly good. Love how they made their dish where the Tofu Omelette never disappoint me at all.

If you are looking for more premium selection, one can grab their choice of Australian Beef and Seafood Teppanyaki with RM 50 (Lunch) while at RM 60 ( Dinner). Their teppanyaki delights are indeed value for money with the generous portions of food. Nicely prepared and so good. Such a tummy warming dish as well.

Freshly Baked Burnt Cheesecake (RM 16 per slice | RM 170 whole cake (12 slices))
Asides from that, Hana do serves one of the best burnt cheese cake. It brings you with 3 different flavours which is the original, chocolate and matcha. You can enjoy the melts in the mouth sensation cheese cake from Hana.

For those who are looking for some casual Japanese Dining and enjoying some sake with it, Hana is definitely the place to visit.

Hana Dining Sake Bar
Address: OB2.G.U1, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-5624 0888

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