Burger & Sushi @ G Village

A nice cosy place to dine and this place indeed a great place for Japanese delights. And in here, the chef is one of those which is born with the passion of cooking where they are not serving delicious Japanese delights but a nice juicy burger that you must have.

And this time around, we visited Burger & Sushi where it is indeed a place worth for your journey.  Being foodie and entrepreneur, Shi Mei opened this restaurant with her mother to share the food they love with the neighbourhood. And this restaurant had become one of the spots for locals as well as foreigners as well as Japanese too on regular basis due to the authenticity of their food.

B&S Burger

For those who are a big fan of Burger, B&S Burger is worth a try and you will definitely will come back for more. The B&S Burger are packed with the goodness in all ways where the patty is perfectly made in house ensuring each mouthful comes juicy, moist and tender. It is served with the soft bun and sides with fries.

Vegetarian Burger (RM 21)

For those who are looking for some vegetarian delights, their vegetarian burger will definitely be spoilt yourself where the burger is packed with the potatos, mushrooms and vegetables in it.  It is topped with the sweet pickled daikon, lettuce and mayonnaise. Nicely prepared.

Seafood Platter

This is definitely my double thumbs up. The seafood platter comes with generous portion of seafood and they are perfectly grilled with their signature home made sauce. Each pieces are well grilled and marinated ensuring you with the quality and yet delicious bites of it.

Rainbow Roll (RM 38)

Filled up your tummy with the delectable and crispy deep fried prawns which is served together with the lettuce topped with the assorted raw fish. I love how the rice is made with the crispy and juicy fried prawns.

Sushi Regular

One can also enjoy their regular sushi where the sushi comes simply good and delicious. They are simply beautiful  and delicious with the amazingly prepared sushi.

Unagi Don (RM 35)

Have the bowl of don which is served with the roasted eel over a bowl of rice. I love their well roasted eel and it is such a perfect indulgence.

Signature Drinks
BS Iced Tea (RM 12): Ceylon Tea, Blood Orange & Lime
Hawaiian Cooler (RM 12): Pineapple, Orange & Mint
Red October (RM 12.00) : Raspberry, Lemon & Elder Flower
Blue Danube (RM 12.00): Blue Lagoon, Lemonade & Mint

And now, one can enjoy the awesome and quality Japanese delights and burger in one goal.
Ground Floor, Lot G6, G-Village,
35, Jalan 1/76d, Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-9226 9788
Open Daily :11:30am–10:30pm

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