Dragon Door Inn Steamboat @ Cheras: Addictive Spicy Ma Lat Steamboat To Go For!

Dragon Door Inn Steamboat (龍門客棧火鍋) is one of our recent exploration in Cheras. Ever since to fever of malat is now hit in the town, we go crazy craving on Ma Lat nearly every week.

And I can say Dragon Door Inn Steamboat is one of our favourites when it comes to their soup. Walking distance from Cheras Leisure Mall, their shop is easily spotted from outside where they are really eye-catching exterior like you go back to China.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with red lanterns at the facade and walking up the staircase, you will actually see loads of artists/celebrities from Hong Kong and locals picture along the way!

And their interior is pretty rustic with the roof tile, rustic wooden floor and with plants and a boat on top as well. And what’s special here is there are using charcoal instead of gas. In here you can have your steamboat served with the charcoal pit which is located below your table.

As for their soup choices, they do have 4 choices of soup which are the pork soup, herbal soup, spicy soup and the Hong Ham Hot Pot. And the two signature here is their Pork Soup and the Spicy Soup for sure.

And one can enjoy wide choices of ingredients to accompany your hearty bowl of steamboat. If you are going for their spicy ma lat steamboat, it is recommended to have them with the Fried Dough Stick , Bean Curd Sheets as well as the Luncheon Meat where it really goes well and addictive too.

And they do serves wide choices of ingredients as well where you can go for which includes the Soy Ring Roll, Special Pork Paste, Fish Roe Prawn Paste, Dumplings, Nostac Flange Balls, Mushroom Pork Balls, Dumplings and many more.

For seafood lover, you can have your choice of seafood from fish slices, prawns, giant prawns and many more.

For group dining, you can order the Seafood Platter which is filled with variety choices of seafood in one boat which includes mussels, slice abalone, crab stick, scallops, and more.

You can also order their Charboil Type where they are really unique and delicious. Their meat is perfectly charboil and served with the vegetables and sauces. Nice and perfect!  You can go for the choice of Beef , Pork and Lamb.

As usual, one can also dipped their meats and ingredients with the variety of sauces available at the sauce bar. Choose your choice of sauces you want or even you can have the recommended sauces to go for!

Overall, Dragon Door Inn Steamboat offers you a nice steamboat with great ambiance and service too!

Dragon Door Inn Steamboat 龍門客棧火鍋
No. 18-1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Batu 9 Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-9130 1062
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 5.00pm to 11.25pm, Sat & Sun: 3.00pm – 11.35pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragonDoorInnSteamboat/

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