Comfort Meal @ Le Nu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar & Canton Paradise Noodle and Congee, Sky Avenue

In the cold weather in Genting, nothing beats a comforting meal for sure. Le Nu Chef  Wai’s Noodle Bar & Canton Paradise Noodle and Congee is one of the places that we falling in love with. And in here, one can have their wide variety of noodles as well as congee.

LeNu is a casual Chinese noodle bar where they are bringing you a perfection and each of every bowl will definitely brings a great indulgence to all diners.

“Braised Beef Combination Noodle (Wagyu Beef/Tendon/Shank)
One must have is their signature Beef Broth which is being prepared for 18 hours, using the freshest beef marrow, bones and other premium ingredients to create the rich authentic taste of beef. Simmered over a slow fire for more than 12 hours. Enjoy their tender juicy beef which is perfectly paired with the finest ingredients as well as the springy noodles.  Each mouthful is such an indulgence where the noodles is well soaked with the fragrance from the soup and the meat is so juicy as well.

Braised Pork Rib with Scallion Dry Noodles.  (RM 34.90)
Next we have this awesomely prepared Braised Pork Rib with Scallion Dry Noodles. Have these springy noodles which is served with the soft and yet juicy braised pork ribs. Every mouthful comes awesomely delicious and make it to our must have list as well.

Century Egg and Shredded Pork Congee (RM 17.90) 
The Century Egg and Shredded Pork Congee is perfectly our favourite where the congee is complete with the velvety textures and each mouthful just awesome. Completed with their delicious century egg. Oh my, this is just heavenly!

Sliced Grass Carp Fish Congee (RM 21.90)
If you are not a century egg lover, you can go for their other choices of congee and my little girl loves the fish congee where they are served with the fresh and delicious good. I am loving the texture of the fish itself and every mouthful just so good where Grace finishes the whole bowl herself.

Dried Shrimps Noodles (RM 23.90)
We have the Dried Shrimps Noodles where the springy egg noodles are completed with the shrimps’ egg. This makes the overall taste amazingly good where each mouthful is complete with both the bouncy texture of the noodles.

Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodles ( RM 22.90)
The Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodles comes perfectly delicious where the springy noodles come simply delicious with the huge jumbo prawns wanton in it.

Overall, Le Nu Chef  Wai’s Noodle Bar & Canton Paradise Noodle and Congee brings you with the delicious and warming bowl of noodles and congee.

Lot T2-03, Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Genting Highlands Resort,
Genting Highlands, 69000
TELEPHONE: 03-6101 1296