3 Generation Shave Ice in Teluk Intan


Do Re Mi is one of the place where I will never missed to visit whenever I am back in Teluk Intan. For the locals, their stall had been there more than 60 years and it is the 3rd generation now.
Serving you a wide choice of shaved ice, Do Re Mi is one of the places where you can grab and enjoy the delicious shaved ice which is not just smooth but addictively good. One of their signatures is, of course, their Ai Yu Bing.
Ai Yu Bing comes sinfully delicious, especially in the hot weather. The shaved ice with the jelly below and topped with some fruits like watermelon, honeydew and longan on top. It is then added with a squeeze of lemon to give it a sourish refreshing taste.
While for their Hawaii Ice ; it is slightly different where the shaved ice comes with the light taste of honeydew with it and topped with the watermelon, honeydew, nata de coco as well as some sago on top.
If you are in Teluk Intan, this stall is definitely MUST be in your MAKAN LIST as they are really good and you will definitely come back for more.
Medan Selera Glutton Square Teluk Intan
Jalan Pasir Bedamar,
Pekan Teluk Intan,
36000 Teluk Intan, Perak