Celebrate CNY with Pak Loh Chiu Chow @ Starhill Gallery


To commemorate the auspicious Year of the Dog, Pak Loh Chiu Chow have lined up an array of sumptuous oriental specialities to elevate your Chinese New Year dining experience. It is never too early to usher in prosperity, good health and happiness with a celebratory lunch or dinner that will be available from 1 February until 2 March 2018.

Every Chinese New Year dishes will be started with the Rainbow Prosperity Yee Sang with the Red Snapper. The wholesome plate of Yee Sang comes with great ingredients like deep fried yam, fish skin, radish and snapper fish as well. Toss for your prosperity this year in Pak Loh Chiu Chow! And other selections of yee sang available includes the Classic Chiu Chow (喜 起 洋 洋 潮 人 撈 生 )(RM 88 (S) | RM 128 (R)), Salmon Yee Sang (風 生 水 起 三 文 魚 撈 生) )(RM 88 (S) | RM 128 (R)),  and Vegetarian Yee Sang (千 有 萬 有 素 撈) (RM 68 (S) | RM 88 (R)). And one can actually add on with loads of yee sang condiments such as salmon, silver fish, jellyfish, fish skin and crackers.

新 年 好 運 蟲 草 花 燉 美 國 向 螺
Double-Boiled Top Shell Soup with Cordyceps Flower
Enjoy the bowl of hearty soup where the soup comes awesomely good with complete sweetness.

年 年 慶 有 餘 荳 醬 蒸 紅 鮪 魚
Classic Steamed Red Snapper with Bean Sauce
If you are a big fans of the fish, you will be assured of this delicious red snapper. The meat is flaky and moist with the flavourful bean sauce on top.

金 雞 報 喜 檸 汁 脆 皮 吊 燒 雞
Golden Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Have the sweet and sourish blend taste of the deep fried golden brown chicken. The chicken is perfectly fried till golden brown leaving you with the crunchy bites. And you can have the sweet and sour sauce on top.  鮑 您 發 財 美 鮑 燴 西 蘭 花

Braised Sea Abalone with Broccoli
Don’t miss out the abalone which is served with the broccoli. Chewy pulpy abalone to welcome your day.

金 銀 滿 屋 香 港 臘 味 南 瓜 炒 飯
Stir Fried Mixed Meat Rice with Pumpkin.
And of course, ends your meal with the stir fried mixed waxed meat rice with pumpkin. Have this awesom

ely delicious fried rice which brings you with the aromatic blend of pumpkin in it.

一 家 團 圓
酥 炸 年 糕
蓮 子 百 合 紫 米 露
Golden Crispy Chinese Glutinous Cake
Double Boiled Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulbs with Black Glutinous Rice
Not to forgotten, ends your meal with the delicious golden crispy Chinese glutinous cake as well as the double boiled lotus seeds together with the lily bulbs and black glutinous rice.

The set menus are available for four, six and 10 persons starting from MYR 99.50 nett per person. An option to include additional persons is available.

For reservations and enquiries on the Chinese New Year dining experience, kindly call Pak Loh Chiu Chow at +60 3 2782 3856 or send an email to pakloh@ytlhotels.com.my.


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