The New Menu @ Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Lai Ching Yuen presents a lush sensory experience as well as a great gastronomic experience. Located in the busy area of Bukit Bintang area, the décor of the restaurant is indeed stunning wth the red and black combination where this creates a glamoriys setting for the best cuisine this side of Guangzhou.
And this time, we are back to Lai Ching Yuen to experience their new ala-carte menu which is created by their Executive Chef Terrance Foong along with his team of cilinary brigade.
Stuffed White Mushroom with Pork & Shrimp in Marmite Sauce
This is indeed one of our favourites of the night. The mushroom comes simply juicy and once you bite on it, you can taste the ooziness of the flavours coming out from it. Nice and perfect combination from the Chef

Smoked Duck Breast with Chef’s Special Dressing
Enjoy the awesome delights where the duck breast is well smoked till perfection.Glazed with Chef’s Special Dressing which is alike Thai Sauce on top.It makes it even better and brings up the zest in it. Nice !
Crispy German Pork Trotter
A must to have in Lai Ching Yuen, one must have here is of course the Crispy German Pork Trotter. Enjoy the crispy juicy pork trotters with all the collagen in it. This is just heavenly!
Braised Crab Meat and Fresh Fish Maw Soup
Served warm, the soup is indeed mouthwatering. With all the goodies in one bowl, the soup comes simply flavourful and addictively good.
Stewed Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Shimeji Mushrooms and Bean Curd
Enjoy the delicious homemade fish paste that is stuffed in the crunchy sea cucumber. Sides with the shimeji mushroom and bean curd.
Signature Ombak Style Tiger Grouper, Sauteed with Soy
The tiger grouper is perfectly steamed till perfection leaving you with the smooth and flaky meat. Deliciously good and tempting.
Wok-Fried Bei Fong Tong Style Prawns
The prawns is well marinated and it is simply fresh and delicious. Addictively delicious but it had a slight saltiness to my preference.
Crispy-Fried Cuttlefish with Salt & Pepper
Enjoy the deep fried cuttlefish is perfectly fried till perfection leaving you with the crunchy bites. Sprinkled with salt and pepper. Goes well with a cup of beer.
Baked Pork Ribs with Lemon Grass
This is indeed one of the must to have! The pork ribs comes amazingly good where the meat comes tender and juicy and well infused with all the flavours.
Fried Rice with Goose Liver and Pine Nuts
Ends your meal with the bowl of hearty rice with it. Fluffy rice and flavourful taste.
Deep Fried Yam Puff with Durian
For durian lover, a must to try is the deep fried yam puff with durian. Using the D24 durian, the pugent smell of durian is just my love.
White Rabbit Sherbet
Very unique sorbet and brings back all the old memories when I am a kid

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