El Gusto de Espana @ The Barn

The Barn is always a place for everyone. Famed for their porklicious delights, The Barn offers a wide range of new and old world wine from various reputable vineyards around the world. And recently, we were at one of their outlet in town which is in Pavilion KL to savour their El Gusto de Espana (a limited time offer promotion) – Porky Creations Featuring The Finest Ibérico from Spain.

And this limited time promotion will be available at The Barn 1 Mont Kiara, Pavilion KL and also Gurney Plaza from 8th May till 15 July 2017.  And what will be featured is of course the five unique cusine which is created with the Ibérico de Belotta pork imported from Spain.

About Iberico Pork

Ibérico pork is one of the most distinct and sought after meats in the world and refers to black Iberian pigs bred in sparse, large acreages of ancient oak forests (called ‘dehesas’) in the Iberian Belt of Spain. The black-hoofed, purebred Iberian pigs (also known as Pata Negra) roam the dehesas freely, feeding naturally on superior Holm Oak Tree Acorns.

The daily exercise derived from the search of acorns burns away more calories than confined pigs, and allows for fats to infiltrate the pig muscular tissue giving it its rich marbling and distinct silky, nutty, mono saturated fats that’s high in oleic acid, while the naturally healthy diet provides great nutrition for optimal development of an Iberian pig. At least a hectare of healthy dehesa is needed to raise a single pig.

By Spanish law, Ibérico pigs must achieve 40% of its weight by feeding on these types of acorns to be labelled as 100% purebred Ibérico de Belotta.


Ibérico Solomillo (Tenderloin) Carpaccio (RM48)

When I tasted the first bite, it was perfectly an awe inspiring moment. The tenderloin is what is supposed to taste like! The meat comes simply juicy, tender, and gloriously marbled. Every mouthful is divinely good with the melts in the mouth taste.


Ibérico Magro (RM38)

It is one of an exceptional boneless rib cut that combines texture with the rich remarkable flavours of Iberico. The meat come super juicy and the cut is just perfectly good.


Ibérico Presa RM58

Iberico Presca is a specialized muscle within the shoulder. The meat is much tender and juicy but leaner than the “Plumas” end loin or the “Secreto” flank steak. This shoulder cut is packed with immense flavour and impeccably matched with all-natural free range ingredients. Finished with Spanish Sea Salt. And not just that, they also earns a reputation as the “Wagyu of Pork.“ Iberico Pork has a high concentration of oleic acids (monounsaturated fatty acids) which have a beneficial effect over blood cholesterol levels.  I don’t mind having more of this.


Ibérico Costilla (Spare Ribs) RM68

The intensely juicy acorn-rich Iberico ribs loved for its juicy, nutty, melt-in- your-mouth goodness. And in The Barn, they are served pure ( the Spaniards like it), with the homemade sauce or the secret spicy homemade sauce. We love how it is done and the meat stands out for its intense juiciness and flavour.

Iberico Jamon RM35

Cured for over 36 months, the 100% Black Label Iberico de Belotta is known to be the finest ham in the World. Iberico Pata Negra pig is the ultimate in organic free-range animals. They roam free in the woods of Spain, feasting on acorns. Their meat is deep red, like wild boar, and has the rich nutty aroma of their diet. But what makes it so different – and expensive – is the marbling of intra-muscular fat. This gives it both its taste and juiciness. Until recently, it has been sacrilege to cook pork medium-rare – and with good reason. Animal welfare standards has dramatically improved, so pork may now be cooked at 62°C (145°F), the same temperature as whole cuts of beef and lamb.

Ibérico de Bellota is familiar to food cognoscenti of this extraordinary animal. It is not widely available in restaurants or markets due to its steep price. But those who can afford it know it is considered one of the finest foods in the world. At the heart of its difference is that purebred Ibérico pork represents a very old-world approach to one of the tenets of today’s cuisine: a sustainable, simple focus on pure flavor.

The BAR°N El Gusto de Espana EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN 
Date : 7 May 2017, Sunday
Venue : The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara
Time   : 5pm – 9pm
Price   : RM188+ with 3 glasses of beer or wine

And now you can enjoy this and eat all you can here. This will be happening on the 7th May 2017, so be sure to book and purchase it early! To purchase entrance passes, call The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara or The BAR°N @Pavilion KL

Contact Details
The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara – Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara.   Tel 03.6211 5620
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL – Level 4 Connection, Pavilion KL.   Tel. 03.2110 3223

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