Himawari Japanese Cuisine @ Taman Desa: A taste of home !

A hidden gem and a place I called it home. Himawari Japanese Cuisine is one of the hidden jewel in Taman Desa which brings you a homey home cooked Japanese delights. No fancy decoration or plating but expects a good food with the touch of heart in it.
Kaki Teppanyaki (RM 38 for ala-carte / RM 45 for set)
Enjoy this delicious oysters which comes simply juicy and well marinated. The oysters comes pulpy and each mouthful is just amazing. Lovely done!
Salmon Teppanyaki Setto (RM 28) 
Affordable bento set where it comes simply large in its portion. The salmon comes simply good bringing you with the flaky and moist meat texture and sides together with the miso soup and chawanmushi by the side.
Korokke (RM 18) 
Enjoy the korokke which is made by mixing cooked chopped mashed potato with mix pork and deep fried till perfection. Awesomely good in the taste with the crispy munch and inside is moist.
Yaki Soba (RM15) 
For soba fans, do try the Yaki soba where these soba are imported from Japan. Stir fried the soba with the bite sized pork, and vegetables mainly cabbage, onions and carrot and it is then flavoured with the homemade Yakisoba sauce. Enjoy this al-dente noodles which comes simply flavourful.
Special Udon (RM 25) 
Indeed very special! The udon here comes simply unique where it is our first time having udon with pork belly. Thinly sliced pork belly together with the egg on top.
Seafood Nabe (RM 50)
Enjoy the nice warm bowl of soupy delights which served with fresh seafood in it. The light base flavoured soup mixed with the delicious seafood makes it a perfect match. Perfect combination with a rice with it.
Katsu Curry (RM 20) 
Rice person?  Must go for is of course the delicious bowl of curry drenched over to rice and served with the crispy moist deep fried chicken with it.
Bacon Garlic Fried Rice (RM 15)
A dish meant for everyone. This dish comes simply delicious where the rice is fragrantly stir fried with the hint of garlic and sides with bacon and an egg with it.
Pork Belly Kuwayaki (RM 20 for ala-carte/ RM26 for set) 
One of a must to try here is of course the pork belly kuwayaki. Enjoy the superbly delicious pork belly which is well stir fried till perfection. Perfectly delicious and something must try here!
For those who are looking for home cooked delights; Himawari Japanese Cuisine is indeed a restaurant that cater for you and your family.
No 20-1, Jalan 1/109E
Desa Business Park,
Taman Desa
 58100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone:+60 3-7972 2662
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Monday ( 12:00PM – 3:00PM, 6:00PM – 10:00PM)
(Closed on Tuesday)
GPS Location: 3.0968224,101.6080789

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