Porklicious & Fruity Yee Sang delivered to your homes by The Bowls !

Looking for a Yee Sang which comes simply unique? Recently we spotted a Char Siew Yee Sang and another is the Sweet Yee Sang. It is indeed very rare that we are able to spot this type of Yee Sang and The Bowls have them all.
Chashu Yee Sang 
As The Bowls is operating affordable meals with one of the signature is the Chashu. They bring over the concept to having one of the first yee sang Chashu here. The Chashu  yee sang bringing you with the savoury taste where you can enjoy them with their signature Chashu from their free range pork. They are served with 4 types of Japanese Seaweeds which includes aka-Tosaka, ao-Tosaka, wakame and chuka wakame. Sides with 6 types of fresh fruits and vegetables which includes purple cabbage, radish,carrot,sweet corn,Japanese cucumber and lemon. Not just that, it is also comes with the chukka kurage  ( Japanese Seasoned Jelly Fish ) and also ebiko. Bringing you a healthier mix, they had add in 2 types of nuts and seeds in to the yee sang. You can have them with their house specialty wasabi wafu dressing and some sesame oil. I love how it is made where it brings you with the great taste especially with their sauce in it. Suits for a family with elderly as it is not too sweet as well.
Sweet Yee Sang
If you are looking for a sweeter version of yee sang and more to fruits and sweeter blend, order the Sweet Yee Sang instead. The yee sang is completed with 10 types of fruits and vegetables in it where you can have the weet turnip, lychees,strawberries, pineapple cubes, dried cranberries/blackcurrent, mandarin oranges,almond prosperity coins,roasted peanuts, carrots, pomegranates, pomelo, and watercress in it. Not just that, added with their 3 types of specialty dessert (Callebaut Dark Chocolate Calets/Crispearls, 54% dark chocolate cake and salted caramel Truffle Balls) and topped with the almond prosperity coins and roasted peanuts. For more unique combination, it is served with their house specialty Yuzu Sauce and passion fruit infused glass noodle. The yee sang comes with the sweeter version but the taste is pretty good and suits the youngsters and children.
And with this, The Bowls brings you with the healthier, quality and affordable  Yee Sang. The price comes simply affordable and they are also available for delivery as well. And now you can buy them online www.Thebowls.asia
Selling price (same price for both)
Rm88 (small), Rm138 (big)
Combo(save RM26)
2x big: Rm250
1big 1small:RM200
*price excluding delivery (through Uber and grab) (open for dine in, takeaway and delivery)
For more info you may contact :
The Bowls
FB & IG: thebowlsasia
Email:[email protected]
Address:46G, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Taman Danau Kota,Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Pretty On Plate:
FB &IG:prettyonplate
Email:[email protected]
Address: Amaya Residence, G3, Jalan Jejaka 2, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.

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