Celebrate Chinese New Year with Your Loves One @ Shang Palace

Dine in with your loved ones at Shang Palace this Chinese New Year and ignite your senses to our magnificent array of dishes and set menus. And in Shang Palace, starts your year of Roasters with good fortune and happiness here with a celebratory lunch or dinner at Shang Palace from 2 January till 11 January 2017. 
Salmon Fish Yee Sang
Starts your meal with the choice of six types of yee sang prepared for four to 10 persons. Have them from the choice of Korean Snow Pear Yee Sang (Small: RM 91/ Large : RM 182) ; Crispy fish Skin and jelly fish flower yee sang (Small: RM 91/ Large : RM 182); Salmon Yee Sang (Small: RM 126/ Large : RM 252); Crispy Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang (Small: RM 138/ Large : RM 276); Slice Abalone Yee Sang (Small: RM 173/ Large : RM 346) and also the Tempura Lobster Meat Yee Sang (Small: RM 231/ Large : RM 462). Enjoy till the fullest and toast with prosperity and abundance of prosperity here in Shang Palace. 
Shang Palace’s Marinated Crispy Pipa Chicken
Enjoy the speciality prepared by Chef Tan Kim Weng and the team where the chicken is indeed well cooked and marinated till perfection. Infused with flavours and herbs in it; the chicken is well done with the crispy skin and moist and flavourful meat. 

Steamed Omega Rich Garoupa Fish with Preserved Vegetables in Soy Sauce
Addictively delicious and indeed very appetizing especially with the preserved vegetables in it. The fish of course is fresh and the meat remains flaky. Love how it is done and it is indeed a homey dish to me. 

Stewed Sun Dried Oyster with Sea Moss and Garden Green in Oyster Sauce 
The traditional dish to enjoy during CNY is pretty good as well. The premium sun dried oysters comes pulpy and delicious and it goes well with the sea moss ( fatt choy) and garden greens. We need a bowl of rice to accompany.

Braised White Cabbage with Fish Maw in Golden Broth 
Impressive! Golden Yellow Cabbages where it is well braised till perfection with the white cabbage and aslo fresh fish maw with it. 

Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Lobster and Crab Meat Sauce
Love how  the Ee Fu Noodles is done. The noodles comes springy and the sauce comes simply flavourful and delicious. Nice and good one to go to ends your meals. 
Stewed Ginger Soup with Wolfberries , Longan and Black Sesame Rice Dumplings
The taste of distinct gingery taste in the bowl of ginger soup completed with the Wolfberries , Longan and Black Sesame Rice Dumplings in it. The awesome bowl of desserts is just a perfect one. Love how the taste is.

Combination of steamed Traditional Ninko coated with Shredded Coconut and Chilled Red Bean Cake
Ends your meals of course with some sweetness. The ninko comes perfectly moist and coated with the shredded coconut together with the chilled red bean cake which had made a perfect match.
This year, Shang Palace comes up with 5 prosperity menus of eight or nine courses to go with where one can have the Great Prosperity Set Menu at RM 208 nett per person, Rich Fortune Set Menu at RM 372 nett per person, Happy Reunion Set Menu at RM 2076 nett per table of ten, Wealth Treasures Set Menu at RM 3484 nett per able of ten and Immerse Wealth Set at RM 5476 nett per table of ten

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