Introducing the GlocalMe U2 – Portable Roaming Wi-Fi Hotspot

GlocalMe is delighted to unveil the latest addition to its growing portfolio of portable hotspot devices – the GlocalMe U2. This stylish, slim and ultra-lightweight gadget is affordable, fast and furthermore, it introduces a stunning contemporary design.

All the devices in the GlocalMe collection use the company’s innovative Cloud SIM technology to access local 4G networks to turn the device into personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Users are only ever charged for data at local rates. GlocalMe devices work in over 100 countries globally – making them the ideal travel companion.

GlocalMe works closely with network providers around the world to ensure there are 2-3 local networks that the device can connect to. The U2 device will track and detect the best wireless network – its innovative technology offers the best wireless connecting technology for users. This technology ensures users won’t be affected by poor connection whilst using the device and will always have the best network options immediately available.

The devices connect up to five portables simultaneously – meaning users and their companions will be able to get online almost anywhere at anytime.

The new GlocalMe U2 is a step up from its predecessors and offers a more stylish, lightweight and impressive device. It will be available in stunning champagne gold and is made of steel – making it more elegant and offering greater protection. It weighs just 151g – so is extremely portable and easy for the user to take on any trip. This is an ideal choice for discerning business and leisure travellers alike who need to stay connected abroad.

There are illuminated indicators on the device’s face, which allow for quick and easy updates on the Wi-Fi, battery charge level and signal strength. The device can then be monitored and managed via an easy-to-use app – available on iOS and Android.

Other new features include two optional SIM slots for both standard and micro SIM – so users can opt for additional network connectivity in specific countries, should they wish. The addition of the micro SIM slot in this model ensures greater usability of the device.

Many mobile phones will automatically be set to auto updates which means data is being used in the background without the user realising. The U2 has implemented a data usage protection feature and will automatically block off all auto updates in the users smart device, without affecting the user’s app experience, including: RSS, Podcast, Appstore or other Apps. This feature can also be turned off though if needed.

GlocalMe is a highly affordable option when compared to other roaming alternatives – users can either choose a PAYG or package option to suit the needs for their upcoming trip. The U2 offers more flexible package selection with over 300 choices including; data sizes from 300MB to 3GB; duration from 30 days to a year and coverage from a single country to multiple region.

The GlocalMe U2 offers either unlimited usage with a cap of €10 a day for PAYG or the following affordable package options:

Asia: package for China, Taiwan, Thailand from €3
Europe: package for UK, Italy, Spain from €4
American: package for USA, Canada from €6

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