Oh My Grocer: Save money & Easy Job


At times, I love doing some cooking at home especially steamboats. It is kinda hard when it comes to small family as we always wasted our ingridients when we are doing steamboat because we could not eat so much but we buy in packets. And recently, I found out Oh My Grocer comes to rescue.

OhMyGrocer is a meal-kit service for all occasions from daily meals to party meal kits and soon to come baking and confinement meal-kit. And they delivered through Klang Valley for now. And having this to my rescue, they indeed benefits us as a working mother .

OhMyGrocer brings you with the solution of getting these delicious food which is well packed and sealed. I love how they are made where they not just packed with quality ingridients but also portion them accordingly. And not just that, the meat products are vacuum sealed.

And this is what we have including some adds-on to the steamboat products. And with this, there is no hassle of buying too much and it is enough for a family of four.

And now you can make your booking with OhMyGrocer to have your bbq, lok lok or even steamboat whenever you can . All the orders needs to be placed 2 days in advance before delivery and as for now thet only accept COD currently.

And what you need to do is just log-in to their website to book your food now.

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