The Bowls @ Taman Danau Kota : Affordable Delicious Porklicious Sushi & Don

Bringing you with the delicious porklicious don in a bowl, The Bowl is indeed one of the great place to go. For me, I am being particular when coming to food especially bringing my kids for a meals. We had recently found out that The Bowl is indeed a great place for a quick meal or even with family members.

Serving you in a bowl, The Bowls brings you with a wide choices of don, speciality don in soup, ramen, udon and snacks too. All the items are well prepared and they are using the free range pork in their delights.

Japanese Chashu Don (RM 10.80)
Enjoy the bowl of hearty chashu where the meat is tender and juicy. The bowl of rice comes awesomely delicious where the rice is well cooked with the moist texture topped with their own version of teriyaki sauce. As for the chashu, it is well marinated and braised till perfection. Completes with corns, broccoli, and half egg.

Chicken Tonkatsu Ramen (RM 9.80)
Springy noodles and flavourful pork broth completes with the tender juici-licius meat, seaweed and half egg with it. Love the brooth which comes with the light flavoured brooth without MSG and the broth is cooked with pork bones for hours before served.

Japanese Chashu Spicy Miso Don (RM 10.80)
A unique bowl of rice complete with all the chashu in it, and whats makes it special is the clear soup base with the chashu and don makes it like a porridge style but filled with the light flavoured brooth that is just nice for children and elderly.

Japanese Chashu Sushi ( 2 pcs) (RM 5)
This is sinfully addictive. The chashu is well glazed and grill till perfection and served with the sushi rice below. Really appetizing and good.

Chicken Karaage (RM 6.50)
Deep fried till perfection, the chicken karrage comes simply crispy and yet so addictive.

Overall, The Bowls brings you quite a good choice of variety with good food and also affordable price. Check them now!

46G, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 016-518 8308

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