Fat Mama with Steamboat : Eat All You Can ONLY RM 39.90 Per Pax

No one would not know her “Maria”. We had grown up with her personalities, drama and you will sure to know about her and her show for sure.


The Fat Mama name comes from a Hong Kong movie artist that you will definitely come across (if you are a Hong Kong movies and dramas friend) a main character named Maria in most of the 90s Hong Kong movies. Her real name is actually, Maria Cordero. Many thaught she was a Filipino but actually she was born to a Macanese family of Portuguese-Chinese blood in Macau in 1954. And recently I am inspired with her cooking and techniques where I learn in her cooking show, Maria’s Kitchen on Cable TV. She also have a nickname called ‘Fei Ma’ or ‘Fat Mama’.


Fatmama Steamboat comes up with 5 choices of soup to choose from where they have FatMama Savoury Clear Soup Base, FatMama Umami Special Soup Base, FatMama Spicy Satay Sauce Base; FatMama Thai Tom Yum Soup Base and FatMama Savoury Porridge. The soup choices are indeed a wide one and as for me, we are impressed the FatMama Thai Tom Yum Soup Base and FatMama Savoury Clear Soup Base. Both the soup is simply impressive and flavourful.

FatMama Steamboat always holds it’s principle to provide fresh seafood to their customers and indeed their seafood comes amazingly good. Try variety of seafood item that includes the fresh prawns, mini lobsters, crabs, scallops, squids, fish paste, fish balls and many more.

The variety of the seafood is indeed impressive and most important they had maintain the freshness of the seafood itself.Not just that, they comes with many high-end seafood as well such as crab, snapper lobster, fish and many more.

Don’t miss out their speciality chilly as well. Enjoy those different sauces that will tempt you from non-spicy, to their super spicy sauce. Try those variety of sauces and you will be definitely falling in love with either one of it.

And also enjoy some lovely cooling icy delights after a delicious meal. And with all this absolute goodies in one place. And how much for this awesome buffet? The best thing about this shop is they caters to ala carte and also buffet style’s customers.

Currently they are running a opening promotions for all to try out it’s buffet at only RM 39.90 per pax till 31st December 2016.

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Bukit jalil,57000 kuala lumpur,
wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur


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