Baking The Best Lava Cheese Tarts With Anchor @ Village Grocer

Being a tart lover, whenever I heard about tarts i am definitely crazy for it and this time, we get a chance to learn how to bake Cheese tart from the experience popular Chef May Foo in Village Grocers in SS15 Courtyard. Using the premium dairy ingredients from New Zealand, Village Grocer carries these creamy lava creation beginning this week and fans of tarts  be sure to go there and buy them or u can make them at home.

In here; these cheesy tarts are served with 4 new flavours such as the original, golden lava, Matcha and also Tiramisu. And all these charts are sinfully indulging which will definitely a MUST to try for tarts lover. You can enjoy them either warm, chilled or even frozen up to your preference.

And in this event one can learn how to make a cheese tart where they had used 2 types of Anchor Cheeses to make the filling where they are the cream cheese and Parmesan cheese. And believe it; they are using those premium ingredients all the way from New Zealand.

We witness the different flavoured tarts being made. From the Original flavoured one, Golden Lava (salted egg yolk), Matcha and Tiramisu and each of them is amazingly good.

– Golden Lava Tart-
– Green Tea Tart-
Pic’s Nutty Whittakers Tart
Jazz Apple Frangipane Tart

Keeping to the New Zealand theme, Village Grocer customers can also buy the Anchor Dairy products in the stores and bake their favourite tarts such as the apple tarts, and nutty chocolate tarts with the New Zealand apples, Pic’s Peanut Butter and also the Whittaker’s Dark Ghana Chocolate .

Watch the video HERE if you wanna know how to tarts are being made.

As a launch special, cheese tart lovers get 1 free tart for every 5 tarts purchased. A box of 6 tarts cost only RM15. This promotion is available at all Village Grocer outlets. For location listing, please log onto for more details.


All pictures taken using the Casio EZ5000 camera

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