Petronas ushers in Deepavali with Meaningful Webflim

Every year, Petronas comes up with a very good advertising especially during the festive season. Not just having a good story telling, but also bringing a good meaning behind. This year for Deepavali, they had put the effort to put in more meaningful advertising. And this year, the stories comes simply meaningful and I love this so much where it shows the mentality and thinking of many Malaysians.
And perhaps,due to many things happening around in our country, many of us may judge a lot with just the look of people. Many may think by the look of the person; they are “gangster” or even someone can harm you. In the short clips by Petronas wih the title “I am Muniandy” in conjuction with the Deepavali celebration, one can learn something from the video itself.

In light of the Deepavali celebration, Malaysians should respect each other’s’ differences and embrace similarities. And during this festival of light serves as a reminder to us to have compassion for other. And in this flim, we found out that don’t judge a book by its cover. Respects and look and know the people before judging anything and respects them as they are. They may be rough and looks like a bad man, but you might get them wrong where they are actually a good men from the behind (*in hearts)

From this  #Petronas Deepavali 2016 video, Let the light shines within us and continue respecting each other as both individuals and as Malaysians. Don’t discriminate whether they are Chinese, Indian , Malays or lain lian. We are all holding hands in hands as “Malaysians”

Greater harmony can be achieved through greater understanding and compassion. Understand them in person, talk and know them before making any judgement. If you had not know them in person, don’t makes assumption and perhaps with this you can have more friends with this.


Here, I would like to wish all of my Indian friends Happy Diwali, may the glow from the diyas light up your heart with happiness and joy

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