EOS Wellness @ St Mary Place: A total Indulgence

A first of its kind in Malaysia, EOS Wellness is where you will uncover a range of specialist services and products of cutting-edge technology combined with in-depth expertise; partnering with wellness experts and showcasing some of the world’s most respected brands. It is always a pleasure having our spa there where EOS Wellness brings us with our personal Wellness that leads to  a great experience that is innovative and dynamic using scientifically proven methods and ends with measurable results.

For those who are looking for a pampering massage or spa, EOS Wellness is indeed a good one to go for. Whether to evoke pure relaxation within or enhance one’s exterior beauty, our treatments are distinctive, luxurious and produce clinically-proven results. You will find a variety of massages incorporating classical and therapeutic techniques as well as something more cutting-edge for guests who wish to explore a different sensory experience.

– The private consultation area-

We are given a form to fill in and the staff will also find out about our healh and problems we had so we can have a good relief on our body.

We are also given a wet towel to refresh ourself before heading to the spa.

Enjoy their Signatures Spa which will definitely retreat and recover your self from the hard work during the day. Love the treatments with the distinctive, luxurious, and produce you with the more clinically- proven results to the health.

We enjoyed the fullest treatments begin with a Foot Ritual, a soothing and cleansing way to begin your experience here with us. A mineral-rich sea salt scrub with lemongrass and tea leaves gently exfoliates while tea tree and peppermint essential oils cleanse, cool and prepare you for the journey to come.

We are held to our room for a change of clothing. The experience is simply perfect where all the rooms are completed with personalized washrooms. Get changed in your washroom and ring the bell once it is done.

We are then enjoyed the Detox Infrared Saunas (20 minutes) where we experiences where we had the Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna offers an entirely alternative experience to address a variety of physical issues from detoxification to weight loss. They have few choices of Infrared Saunas in their selection such as for pain relief, optimal Skin, slimming, and also detox as well. Being a foodie by nature, we tried the detox service. In this session, we are held to the infrared sauna with around 50 – 70 degrees temperature. The detox session is actually includes several levels of detoxification at several levels including heightening natural cellular detoxification, expelling toxins that are fat soluble and removing heavy metal toxins. This enhancement also strengthens the immunity system, aids digestion and helps against chronic fatigue.

Then we proceed with a good 60 minutes massage which is not enough for us. The pampering session just dozed us off with the head to toe massage.  The aromatherapy and a customised blend of essential oils to aid with sleep and recovery. With the professional helps in the massage, our body muscle. The healing hands of  their skilled therapists will use gentle to medium pressure to soothe and nourish my mind, body and skin. After a good 1 hour session, my whole body comes simply relieved.

After the service, we are had our clothes changed and enjoy a cup of warm ginger tea at their lounge. The great place with the scenic view, where it is just a perfect place to chill yourself down or even waiting for partners and get relaxed.

Not just that, EOS Wellness also partners with some of the world’s most respected spa brands using their products that are holistic, non-invasive and scientifically proven such as the [comfort zone], Mesoestetic and Sundari.

Asides from spa services, EOS Wellness provides a variety of services such as massage, facial and also fitness programs.  You can log-on to their website http://www.eos-wellness.com/  for more information.

Address: A-0-10, St Mary Place, No. 1, Jalan Tengah, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2023 2182


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