Consumers lead the way to healthier eating with llaollao

Fans of llaollao in Malaysia are setting the bar for healthier eating habits, having consumed 20,000kg worth of fruits and 120,000 litres of natural yoghurt in just one year!

Served with fresh fruit or crunchies as toppings, llaollao has dished out fruits – such as strawberries, kiwis, jackfruit, dragon fruit and mangoes – which is the equivalent weight of 200,000 apples or five

Made fresh on site, llaollao, the fastest growing natural yoghurt brand in Europe, has also served 120,000 litres of natural yoghurt – enough to fill up the tanks of 3,000 mid-size sedan cars.

“When llaollao started in Malaysia a year ago, llaollao wanted to encourage Malaysians to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as consumers are constantly seeking healthy alternatives that have less sugar, salt, saturated and trans-fats,” said Tan Kai Young, Director of Loob Management Services Sdn Bhd. Tan said Malaysians are increasingly more discerning over the food they consume, and llaollao hopes to play a part in raising awareness on the importance of good dietary habits. This is because the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015, conducted by the Health Ministry, showed that 94% of Malaysian adults do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The hard truth is we need to eat healthier, and through llaollao, we are providing yoghurt as a wholesome meal option which is low in calorie and fat, but high in flavour. llaollao is more than a  dessert or snack – it is so good it can be a meal on its own.

“We are inspired to see more Malaysians choose healthier food alternatives; this shows awareness is increasing,” said Tan. To reward loyal consumers and celebrate the switch to healthier eating, in conjunction with llaollao’s first anniversary in Malaysia, llaollao is offering all sizes of tubs and Sanum at a special price of RM11 each on October 18.

To fully benefit from this offer, customers would do well if they order the large cup, which usually retails at RM18.90, or Sanum, which is usually priced at RM17.90. Aside from the one-day anniversary discount, llaollao has also enhanced its “Well-nesday” campaign starting October this year.

With a minimum purchase of a medium cup, consumers will enjoy 11% discount on the first Wednesday of the month, 22% on the second Wednesday, and 33% on the third Wednesday. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, the rate resets to 11%; and should the month have a fifth Wednesday, such as in November 2016, the discount rate increases to 22%.

Pronounced as Yao Yao, llaollao is produced fresh on site – you won’t be able to find a frozen yogurt any fresher than llaollao. Made of skimmed milk at the moment of serving, a tub of llaollao yogurt contains 46% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium. While llaollao is low fat, low calorie and gluten free, taste is not compromised as the yogurt remains rich and creamy.

For a twist of flavour, llaollao offers a wide range of toppings, which range from fresh fruits and sauces, to crunches such as cereals, brittle, muesli, cookies, nuts and even classics like OREO®.
These crunches and sauces are imported from Europe, and most of them are unavailable on the shelves of your local supermarket.

“The early success of llaollao shows that Malaysians are very receptive to premium quick F&B. Consumers are shifting from fast food to fast gourmet, and the quality of ingredients are important in bringing to life the full flavour of the food. “These are the values we uphold in all brands under the Loob portfolio, whether it is llaollao, Chatime, Gindaco or Tino’s Pizza,” said Tan.

Since opening its first outlet in Pavilion in October last year, llaollao has 14 outlets to date, with the outlet in KLCC opening its doors on October 15, 2016! Before the end of the year, five more outlets are scheduled to serve customers; they are located at Sky Avenue, Genting; AEON Tebrau and City Square in Johor Bahru; Ipoh Parade, Ipoh, and Sunway Velocity, Cheras.

“When we started a year back, our target is to open 35 outlets by 2018. We are already half way there, so we are very much on track,” he said.

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