Celebrate Deepavali with Tai Thong

This year, Tai Thong group brings you and your family with a unique promotion experiences with your Indian friends and family member. With 6 ala carts items, you are assured to enjoy your meals till the fullest with this Diwali promotion
Deep fried chicken with lemongrass (RM 23++) 
Marinated with the lemon grass, the chicken drumlet and wings is then being deep fried till perfection? Taste the fragrant hint of lemongrass in it with the tender texture of the chicken.
Masala Sea Prawn (RM 48++) 
Fresh huge succulent prawns cooked in Masala style. The prawns comes juicy as it is and it brings you with the fresh sweetness from the prawn. Light spiciness in it.
Assam Curry Fish Head ( RM 38++)
One of my favorite dish of the day. The delicious pipping hot and spicy fish well cooked in the Assam curry broth. I can just enjoy the dish all by its own and i am wanted another bowl of rice to go with it.
Braised Australian Lamb With Dry Curry (RM 38++ per serving) 
Tender moist and juicy lamb cut in cubes and it is then being cooked in the dry Curry . The creamy curry complete with the spicy tatse in it and the herbs is just a perfect combination.
Durian Putu Mayam Roll ( RM 10 ++ per serving )
Try a twist of the usual putu mayam here. The durian putu mayam roll comes with 5 pieces in it is absolutely delicious. I love how chef make a twist where he added the chunky bites of durian paste in it together with the brown sugar and also dry coconut flakes in it. Moist, juicy and yet an absolutely good munch for durian lover.
Soan Papdi with Toasted Almond Flakes (RM 10++) 
Comes in 5 pieces, the soan papdi is perfectly what I want. Fragrant smell of the toasted almond flakes makes if a perfect indulgence.
This promotion is available from 6 October 2016 till 31 October 2016. Why not head to Tai Thong to celebrate Deepavali with your love one.
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